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Banks and Credit Unions Bullish on Chatbots for Customer Service


A survey by Personetics shows that the financial services industry is getting a closer to supporting conversational commerce, supporting projects that use chatbots to improve the overall customer experience. Research reveals that most banking providers will be using automated chatbots to handle a significant volume of customer conversations in the near future. Some are doing it already. Powered by chatbots, conversational commerce (Voice-First Banking) allows organizations to interact with customers over digital and messaging platforms, providing answers to questions, advice and offers in real-time. A survey conducted by Personetics shows that over three quarters of financial institution respondents view chatbots as a viable commercial solution now or within the next 1-2 years, and almost half of the companies already have active chatbot projects in place.

The Bank of the Future Will Have Data Vaults and Money Vaults


The financial services industry has seen a great deal of disruption from digital-based alternatives. Many of these challengers use advanced technology and expanded data sets to offer apps that provide financial solutions at a lower cost, with less friction and greater personalization than traditional bank or credit union offerings. Toronto-based startup Flybits believes that the best way to compete in the future is not just by developing innovative products and services, but by becoming the repository of choice for data in addition to money. "I definitely see that banks are in a perfect position, if they innovate right, to be the perfect data vaults for the future – managing the privacy and also the data of their customers," says Hossein Rahnama, CEO and Co-Founder of Flybits, in an exclusive interview for Banking Transformed, a new podcast from Jim Marous and The Financial Brand. "Using AI and machine learning, there is the potential to build a'data marketplace' for banks, fintechs and other data providers to partner and build more services together."

AI Could Destroy Traditional Banking As We Know It


Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to massively disrupt traditional financial services. The World Economic Forum identifies nine ways AI is creating new threats, new opportunities, and new competitive forces for financial institutions. The result may be a marketplace where only the largest and most specialized niche players survive. Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!Mid-size and small banks and credit unions could soon find themselves at a serious competitive disadvantage. Ongoing developments in artificial intelligence have the potential to significantly change the way back offices operate and the experiences consumers receive from financial institutions.