Blink-182 ruin their classic 'What's My Age Again' video


One thing the world definitely didn't need is a gender-swapped remake of Blink-182's "What's My Age Again?" video, but the damage has been done. Internet celebrities Lele Pons, Hannah Stocking and Vale Genta take on the roles of Mark, Tom and Travis, running around the city nude, causing a ruckus. Adam Devine plays the sexy nurse checking them out, because why not? The video is set to "She's Out of Her Mind," from the band's 2016 album, California with 2016 updates, like iPhones. It's part of Spotify's new Flash Frame series, available to subscribers, that integrates nods to artists' career-defining moments with new, live footage.

The new nude video queens

FOX News

FOX411 famously crowned model Charlotte McKinney "The Next Kate Upton," setting her up for limitless fame and fortune. Now we follow up that gift to the world by bestowing the title of "The Next Emily Ratajkowski" on not one, but two up-and-coming models. Hannah Stocking and Vale Genta star are two of three models starring in their birthday suits in Blink 182's new video, "She's Out of her Mind," just like Ratajkowski did in Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" video. But while Ratajkowski was safely hidden inside a studio, The Next Emily Ratajkowskis were running around in the streets of LA. "We weren't technically naked but we were running around a lot and it was fun – we got a lot of honks so that was funny," Genta said. We got a lot of exercise."

Good Clean Punk

The New Yorker

The first engagement was in Rotterdam, in front of hundreds of people, virtually all of whom were unimpressed. "I thought you guys were a lot better," the promoter said after the show. Mike Burkett, known as Fat Mike, is the bassist and lead singer of the band, and in a new oral history called "NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories," he explains that the rest of the tour substantiated the promoter's judgment. "It finally started to sink in that maybe we were not a good band," he recalls. Audience members hurled insults, or bottles.

How To Spot The International Space Station: When Will It Fly Over?

International Business Times

The International Space Station can seem like an abstract idea to most people seeing as most people aren't astronauts. The idea that at any given time there are up to 10 people up in space just orbiting the Earth can be fascinating. And technological advances have made it easier for those on the ISS to connect with people back here on Earth, astronauts can live stream and video chat and even tweet from space. But if after video, photos and tweets you still can't get enough of the ISS you may want to step outside and watch it pass overhead. On a clear night the ISS is visible as it circles the Earth, but depending on your location it may not be heading right overhead or structures or trees may obscure it from view.

AI creates 'sexy' nude portraits and the results are horrifying

Daily Mail - Science & tech

An artificially intelligent (AI) machine that creates surreal nude portraits has been built by a teenager in Virginia. AI whiz Robbie Barrat fed a neural network - an AI that functions like the human brain - thousands of naked portraits and then trained it to create its own racy artworks. In a Twitter post, he said the software often paints people as fleshy blobs spouting random tendrils and limbs, adding: 'I wonder if that's how machines see us'. While most of the women in the images appear lumpy and misshapen, some of the subjects closely resemble slender, standing figures. Mr Barrat, who recently graduated high school in West Virginia, said he is currently doing'deep learning interning' for AI computing giant NVIDIA.