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What you should know before you buy Apple's AirPods

Washington Post - Technology News

Those expecting some extra cash this holiday season may be eyeing Apple's $160 AirPods as a present for themselves. Apple recently sent along a pair for me to test, replacing some pre-release AirPods I'd played with before and found a little too ahead of their time for most people. Many of my initial thoughts stand. The AirPods never dropped a connection, and they pair easily with the iPhone. I still had no problem with the five-hour battery life, though those on long flights might disagree.

Amazon leaks iPhone 7 product page, showing off Bluetooth headphones


The iPhone's headphone jack officially appears to be no more. Amazon published its accessories page for the "iPhone 7" Wednesday about an hour ahead of Apple's event, where the company is expected to announce the next-generation iPhone. After months of rumors and speculation that Apple will eliminate the headphone jack from its next-generation iPhone, Amazon's product page provides the latest layer of evidence. There's no headphone jack in any of the marketing photos, and the highlighted accessories include Bluetooth headphones. The page is titled "iPhone 7 Cases, Accessories & Bluetooth Headphones" and has the tagline "Find Everything You Need for the New iPhone 7." The page features cases from Speck and Otterbox, accessories like Tile and Belkin's glass screen protector, and most radically for the iPhone, several Bluetooth headphones from Jaybird, Bose, Sony and Skullcandy.

How Much Do iPhone AirPods Cost? Comparing Wireless Headphones Prices, Features For Apple's iPhone 7

International Business Times

Apple's latest iPhone 7 release and the debut of Apple AirPods, the phone's new wireless headphones, have many wondering what headphones can be used with the next generation of iPhone. Apple announced Wednesday the ear-plug-like headphones that automatically connect to Apple devices using Lightning ports. The headphones will be available for preorder when other new Apple devices, including the iPhone 7, become available Friday. They will be available for purchase in late October. The AirPods have been priced at 159.

Apple AirPods In Stock? Wireless iPhone Headphones Restock Not Expected Until June

International Business Times

If you want to pair your iPhone with Apple's AirPod wireless earbuds, you're out of luck for a while longer. Despite being released last September, the wireless earbuds remain out of stock at online and brick-and-mortar retailers like Best Buy and Amazon. Through Apple, the AirPods still have an estimated six-week wait time for shipping and are out of stock at most Apple retail stores. That said, Apple is aware of the shortages. A spokesperson told CNET the company is working to reload its inventory as soon as possible.

What to expect (and what we want) from iPhone 7

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

USA TODAY's Jefferson Graham calls on Apple CEO Tim Cook to bring back the innovation that once wowed us. In this Sept. 9, 2015, photo, Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces the iPhone 6S during an Apple media event in San Francisco. On Wednesday, Apple will host an event where it is widely expected the tech giant will reveal its next iPhone. As with the changing of the leaves in autumn, the rumor mill quickly churns with potential new bits of information on what features consumers will see in the next iPhone. Here's a look at some of the features we may see on the new iPhone, as well as what we really want Apple to reveal on Wednesday: This is the rumor with the most traction: Apple will add two rear cameras to improve photo quality.