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Wohlers Report 2016: 3D Printing Industry Surpassed $5.1 Billion

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Check out my 2018 update to see how much the 3D printer industry is worth: Wohlers Report 2018: 3D Printer Industry Rises 21 Percent To Over $7 Billion. More than 278,000 desktop 3D printers (under $5,000) were sold worldwide last year, according to Wohlers Associates, publishers of the annual Wohlers Report. The report has a chart to illustrate and it looks like the proverbial hockey stick that you hear venture capitalists talk about: Growth that moves rapidly from horizontal to vertical (from 2010 to 2015 for desktop). According to Wohlers Report 2016, the additive manufacturing (AM) industry grew 25.9% (CAGR – Corporate Annual Growth Rate) to $5.165 billion in 2015. Frequently called 3D printing by those outside of manufacturing circles, the industry growth consists of all AM products and services worldwide.

Wohlers Report 2018: 3D Printer Industry Rises 21 Percent To Over $7 Billion

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Wohlers Associates is recognized as one of the preeminent 3D printer experts in the world. Their detailed annual report on the state of the 3D printing industry -- the eponymous Wohlers Report 2018 -- reveals significant increases in metal additive manufacturing (AM) this year. Investors will appreciate the solid 21 percent growth as the AM industry exceeds $7.3 billion. While some industry reports focus on projections of where the market is heading, the Wohlers Report compiles details on how many 3D printers are actually sold each year. According to the new report, an estimated 1,768 metal AM systems were sold in 2017, compared to 983 systems in 2016, a surge of nearly 80 percent.

HP begins selling its mondo Jet Fusion 3D printer for offices


ORLANDO--Hewlett-Packard today began taking orders for its first 3D printer, the HP Jet Fusion printer, which it said will be up to 10 times faster than existing machines and can cut the cost of manufacturing parts in half. At the RAPID 3D additive manufacturing conference here, HP revealed two models: the lower-cost and lower production 3200 series and the 4200 series, for which it is now taking orders. The 4200 series will begin shipping to manufacturers in October; the 3200 series will be available in mid-2017. HP originally unveiled its Jet Fusion printer in October 2014. HPs 4200 series Jet Fusion printer (left) and post processing station.

Ultimaker 3 And The Power Of A 3D Printer In Business

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In a similar vein, there are probably over 100 desktop 3D printer companies in existence today. Some are better than others, of course. Terry Wohlers, considered one of the top experts in the world on 3D printing (also known as additive manufacturing – AM), believes it will be a $5.165 billion industry. His annual report focuses mostly on industrial AM, but he sees the desktop (under $5,000) 3D printers growing for modeling and basic prototyping applications. Many business executives and owners have asked me if they should consider a 3D printer in their company.

H-P's new 3-D system to print Nikes, BMW parts

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Mass-produced sneakers and car parts are about to roll off assembly lines at Nike and BMW -- 3-D printer assembly lines. Hewlett Packard on Tuesday announced the world's first 3-D printer for large-scale manufacturing. Nine companies, including Nike, BMW and Johnson & Johnson, are using the HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution, says Stephen Nigro, who runs HP's 3-D printing business. He announced the news at the RAPID tech conference in Orlando today. "We want to change the way the world prints parts," says Nigro, who previously ran HP's 20 billion print division.