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'People are drinking less, but better quality'

BBC News

Ten years ago, William Chase was wondering what to do with the potato crop from his Herefordshire farm. He hit on the idea of making potato-based gin and vodka. But the challenge was how to break into a market dominated by huge brands like Smirnoff, while selling at double their prices.

Twitter promises better quality for new video uploads


Twitter says your new video uploads will appear less pixelated and have better quality. The official Twitter support account has revealed that the website made updates to fix its platform's poor video quality, which has been a problem for its users since the beginning. Twitter told The Verge that it removed a pre-processing step when you upload videos that's responsible for the issue. That step apparently splits the clip you're trying to upload into smaller chunks for easier processing, and that could reduce video quality. Some good news: we've made updates to improve video quality.

What makes Proactive Customer Service so important? [Infographic]


Customer service has gone from a siloed function to being an integral part of the customer's overall experience. Today, quick and quality service is something most customers expect. They want your organization to be able to expedite issues, resolve them instantly and also make sure they never occur again.

There's little economic justification for tipping. But we can't stop doing it

Los Angeles Times

"Tips, although they are related to service quality, are not strongly related to service quality," said Michael Lynn, a business professor at Cornell University who probably has studied tipping more than any other American academic (a conversation is peppered with him saying, "I did research on that").

My Favorite Cyber Monday Deals on Cameras, Accessories, and More (updating)

Huffington Post - Tech news and opinion

Blue Snowball USB Microphone - $39 Whether upgrading your built in computer mic for better video calling or looking to make better sounding videos for youtube, the Snowball offers much better quality for a low price. Upgrade to the Blue Yeti for even better quality in addition to Headphone/line outputs which is great for singers and musicians to record their songs for $89.