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Artificial Intelligence Research at NASA Langley Research Center (Research in Progress)

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Research in the field of artificial intelligence is developing rapidly at the various NASA centers, including Langley research Center in Hampton, Virginia. AI studies at Langley involve research for application in aircraft flight management, remote space teleoperators and robots, and structural optimization.

The return of the shuttle: 'Dream Chaser' set for blastoff

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A 28-foot model of the HL-10 lifting-body reentry vehicle is shown being mounted in NASA Langley Research Center's Full Scale Wind Tunnel to determine its low-speed static stability and control The new spaceplane stage has been set by decades of NASA work done at Langley Research Center on horizontal-landing, or HL, lifting bodies. Sporting a design reminiscent of the upward-flexing pectoral fins on breaching manta rays, HL vehicles feature rudimentary wings. As the craft settles through Earth's atmosphere from orbit the chubby, cigar-like fuselage generates lift from more air pressure on the bottom than on the top. Flying Wingless First championed for flight testing by NASA engineer H. Dale Reed in the early 1960s, the HL concept went through a number of design changes and improvements, eventually resulting in a series of experimental piloted aircraft. The Northrop HL-10 – referring to the tenth design evaluated by Langley engineers – was built to assess specific structural refinements.

'Hidden Figures' mathematician Katherine Johnson, who broke barriers at NASA, dies at 101

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Katherine Johnson, the venerated NASA mathematician who was depicted in the film "Hidden Figures," died Monday, NASA said. Johnson helped our nation enlarge the frontiers of space even as she made huge strides that also opened doors for women and people of color in the universal human quest to explore space," NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said in a statement. "At NASA we will never forget her courage and leadership and the milestones we could not have reached without her." Her groundbreaking contributions to bring Americans in space were plenty: Johnson worked on the first NASA mission in 1961 to carry an American, Alan Shepard, into space. In 1962, she verified computer calculations that plotted John Glenn's orbits around Earth.

Nasa tests its radical 'blended wing' plane using lasers - and says it could take to skies in just 10 years

Daily Mail - Science & tech

In just ten years, a plane that flies using a radical hybrid wing shaped body could become a reality. In a step towards realising that goal, a scale version of the'Blended Wing Body' (BWB) aircraft is currently being tested at a Nasa facility. In the latest tests, the space agency has revealed how the researchers are making sure it will be as green as possible by watching how particles flow around the aircraft using lasers. Engineers at Nasa's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, used lasers inside the 14-by 22-Foot Subsonic Tunnel to map how air flows over a Boeing Blended Wing Body (BWB) model. The name for the technique is called particle image velocimetry.

National Comedy Center to Digitize Lucille Ball Archives

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Handwritten notes and family photographs belonging to Lucille Ball will be digitally preserved as part of a new project being undertaken by the National Comedy Center in the late actress's hometown.