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Coastal states to Trump: why is Florida exempt from drilling and not us?

Guardian Energy

Governors of coastal states have urged the Trump administration to scrap its plan to usher oil and gas drilling into almost all US waters, in an unusual bipartisan backlash against the surprise proposal itself – and the controversial twist that suddenly saw Florida, alone, excused from going along with it.

Trump administration won't allow oil drilling off Florida coast

Guardian Energy

The Trump administration said Tuesday that it would not allow oil drilling off the coast of Florida, abruptly reversing course under pressure from the state's Republican governor, Rick Scott.

Official: Plan to Exempt Florida From Drilling Isn't Final

U.S. News

Walter Cruickshank is acting director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. Cruickshank says Zinke's announcement "stands on its own" but there's no formal decision yet on the 5-year drilling plan.

More coastal states press U.S. to waive offshore drilling after Florida governor gets exemption nod

The Japan Times

WASHINGTON – Governors and other officials from several U.S. coastal states ramped up pressure on the Trump administration on Wednesday to exempt their waters from an offshore drilling plan, hours after the Interior Department granted Florida's request to opt out.