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New species of bushbaby found in disappearing forests of Angola

New Scientist

The newly discovered Angolan dwarf galago belongs to the bushbaby family, members of which are found all over sub-Saharan Africa. The creature's most distinctive characteristic is its call: a chirping crescendo followed by a twitter, report Magdalena Svensson of Oxford Brookes University, UK, and her colleagues. This is similar to calls by made by other members of the dwarf galago genus to keep in contact with their group, and is why the researchers have classed the new animal as another dwarf galago . But the new creature is three times the size of its closest relatives – making it more similar to non-dwarf bushbabies in stature. The team observed 36 individuals, although as yet they know little about its diet or lifestyle.

'Valheim' surpasses 5.7 million copies sold in five weeks on Steam Early Access


Valheim went live on Steam exactly five weeks ago, and it's been on fire ever since. Iron Gate's Viking survival sim rocketed up the charts, hitting 5 million copies sold after just one month in Early Access and surpassing huge titles like Dota 2 in terms of concurrent active players. Steam reviews for Valheim exude a palpable sense of awe and relief. Players regularly compare the feeling to the first time they played Minecraft, marveling at the game's scope, depth and atmosphere, and questioning how a team of just five developers managed to pack such an engrossing experience into a 1GB download. Valheim sets players loose in an original realm of Viking purgatory, a vast, procedurally generated world filled with mythical Norse beasts, high seas, hunting and crafting.

The best survival kits of 2019

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

Investing in a pre-packed 72-hour emergency preparedness kit, also known as a go-bag or bug-out bag, is a smart way to help ensure that, should you need to leave home during an emergency--such as an earthquake, flood, fire, or hurricane--you'll have most of what's needed to stay safe and healthy for up to three days. Seventy-two hours is the amount of time that many emergency management planners and government agencies say it could take for local and federal authorities to begin lending aid to people in the aftermath of a significant disaster. While it's better in almost all circumstances to create your own survival kit, buying a pre-packed go-bag is a great way to set you on the path to staying safe and healthy when things go very, very wrong. Relying on years of experience and after days of research and testing, we feel that the Urban Survival Bug Out Bag from Emergency Zone (available at Amazon) is the best 3-day survival kit for most people to invest in. Despite the fact that this kit is said to be suitable for two people, we feel that, based on our research, it is better suited for use by a single individual.

Learning Patient-Specific Cancer Survival Distributions as a Sequence of Dependent Regressors

Neural Information Processing Systems

An accurate model of patient survival time can help in the treatment and care of cancer patients. The common practice of providing survival time estimates based only on population averages for the site and stage of cancer ignores many important individual differences among patients. In this paper, we propose a local regression method for learning patient-specific survival time distribution based on patient attributes such as blood tests and clinical assessments. When tested on a cohort of more than 2000 cancer patients, our method gives survival time predictions that are much more accurate than popular survival analysis models such as the Cox and Aalen regression models. Our results also show that using patient-specific attributes can reduce the prediction error on survival time by as much as 20% when compared to using cancer site and stage only.

Nigerians siphoning off oil for survival

Al Jazeera

In Nigeria, unemployment and poverty are forcing many young people to turn to crime and they are tapping into the country's rich resources of oil. Africa's largest producer of crude oil is losing millions of dollars because of theft, but some locals say the illicit way is their only means of survival.