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How organizations can succeed in the metaverse


Since Facebook announced it was rebranding to Meta in its quest to become a leader in the race for the metaverse, companies everywhere have been wondering what's next for the online marketplace. While the metaverse will continue to buzz in 2022, new challenges arise as tech organizations begin to journey into uncharted territories.. Organizations across the global enterprise landscape have already placed large stakes into this virtual, universal opportunity. Even smaller companies are jumping on the digital bandwagon early, hoping to avoid missing out on immersive trade. A report by Emergen Research projects the metaverse market to reach over $800 billion by 2028. Without a doubt, the new wave of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is already here.

Tech Developments In Every Sector, And The Innovators Leading The Way


Despite market disruptions and unprecedented global events, the evolution of technology in every sector will continue because leaders worldwide actively develop solutions, overcome obstacles, and create new products. As this rate of advancement accelerates, technology will continue to be an essential component of success on any terms. Moreover, the leaders spearheading growth in this area also exercise best-in-class corporate practices, create healthy cultures, and achieve record-breaking revenues, concludes Dr Lebene Soga of Henley Business School. As the interplay between humans and technology develops, the prevalence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), intuitive interfaces, and predictive capabilities also grow. This asynchronous development has the net impact of making life easier, businesses more profitable, and infrastructure more enduring.

Metaverse is Confirmed Here To Stay


Metaverse concept is a digital space that is shared by everyone in the virtual world. It is a 3D space with customizable realities, social media integration, and an interactive environment where users are immersed in their own unique reality.

What is the metaverse and why is it so controversial?


Out of seemingly nowhere, the metaverse has simultaneously become a subject of excitement and controversy over the past few months. While companies like Facebook (or Meta) and Microsoft predict that the metaverse will someday replace the internet, critics argue it's a marketing gimmick that won't ever see the light of day. So in this article, let's explore what the metaverse is, how it could affect our lives in the future, and why it's such a controversial subject today.

A better way to regulate the metaverse


Nina Xiang is the founder of FutureLogic, a media platform bridging the Asian and global innovation economy. She is the author of "US-China Tech War: What Chinese Tech History Reveals About Future Tech Rivalry."