Post Office Sets up Special Mailbox for Letters to Santa

U.S. News

Rutland Postmaster James Ragosta says the collection mailbox was found while staff members cleaned the basement of the federal post office building. The Rutland Herald reports the mailbox was restored and decorated by members of the Rutland Youth Theatre.

Winter Is Coming: Check Your Rural Mailbox

U.S. News

Indeed, that's the message in many areas of Michigan where mailboxes are attached to posts at the end of a driveway. As another winter approaches, road commissions are reminding residents to check the stability of their mailbox.

Veteran wins dispute over American flag mailbox

FOX News

A veteran has made it clear to a Florida homeowners' association: Don't mess with Old Glory. Retired U.S. Navy Officer John Ackert is claiming victory in a dispute over a patriotic mailbox outside his Tallahassee home, saying the local homeowners' association has backed down from its order to remove it for not being "in consonance" with the aesthetic values of the rest of the neighborhood. Ackert told WCTV he was informed Monday the Southwood Residential Community Association changed its rules to allow American flag wraps on homeowners' mailboxes. The decision came after Ackert appealed the initial letter asking for him to remove the colorful mailbox wrapping. "I view this as a form of bullying to be honest," Ackert told the station last week.

Is your mailbox overflowing with campaign ads? We want to hear from you

Los Angeles Times

Just over a month is left before the November election and California voters are starting to see the proof in their mailboxes, hanging on their doorknobs and each time they turn on a computer or TV. Whether it's Republican San Diego County Rep. Darrell Issa blasting Democratic rival Douglas Applegate as the "perfect candidate" of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi or opponents of the Proposition 56 tobacco tax increase tying the ballot measure to "wealthy special interests," we'd like to hear how California political campaigns and outside groups are jockeying for your attention -- and your votes. Have you received a barrage of campaign mailers this election season? Are you bombarded with information about local races and propositions? We want to hear from you.