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Post Office Sets up Special Mailbox for Letters to Santa

U.S. News

Rutland Postmaster James Ragosta says the collection mailbox was found while staff members cleaned the basement of the federal post office building. The Rutland Herald reports the mailbox was restored and decorated by members of the Rutland Youth Theatre.

Bill Barr Injures Back While Trying to Lift Mailbox Into Truck

The New Yorker

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)--Attorney General William Barr suffered what was described as a "severe back strain" while trying to lift a mailbox into a pickup truck on Saturday. According to Barr, he tried to give the mailbox "one good yank" to heave it into the truck, when he heard "something go pop" in his back. "I remember thinking, Hoo, boy, that's not good," Barr said. At the White House, Donald J. Trump said that the injury to Barr was "disgraceful" and yet another argument against mail-in voting. "How can we expect the Postal Service to run a fair election when a mailbox almost killed poor Bill Barr?" he asked.

Winter Is Coming: Check Your Rural Mailbox

U.S. News

Indeed, that's the message in many areas of Michigan where mailboxes are attached to posts at the end of a driveway. As another winter approaches, road commissions are reminding residents to check the stability of their mailbox.

Smart Alert for Mail (SAM) review: How to check your mailbox without leaving the house


The creator of Smart Alert for Mail obviously had a problem that no one else had been able to solve: Knowing when their mail had arrived. Enter Smart Alert for Mail--aka SAM--a gadget with a singular purpose, one which you've already figured out after reading this far. SAM comes in two pieces, a transmitter that fits in your mailbox and a receiver that sits inside your house. The transmitter attaches via sticky tape and Velcro to the inside of your mailbox (a small antenna wire snakes out through the gap in the door), while the receiver goes anywhere inside your house that's in range of a power outlet (and as close to the transmitter as possible). The transmitter communicates via the unlicensed 433.92MHz frequency band, which gives it 300 feet of range in unobstructed, open air.