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Everything you need to know about corporate venture capital in Europe


Corporate venture capital (CVC) is an investment by a corporate (fund) into external startups in order to make a financial return or to gain a competitive advantage. CVC is a polarizing subject and opinions are divided. Fred Wilson from Union Square Ventures believes that it's evil and corporates should not invest in startups but simply buy them. While Marc Andreessen from Andreessen Horowitz on the other hand is co-investing with corporations such as General Electric. Whatever the opinions are, fact is that CVC is on the rise, also in the old continent.

European Venture Report: VC Dollars Rise In 2019


Venture capital deals in the United States and China tend to get the most attention, but VC dollars flowing to Europe have quietly been on the rise. According to Crunchbase data, over $122 billion has been invested in European startups, across 48 countries, in the last five years. And 2019 is a record year for European startups with companies raising over $36 billion–a five-year high, and over $7 billion more than European startups raised the previous year. Year-over-year growth tracks at 25 percent. Since 2015, the amount of money raised by European startups has more than doubled.

Robotics industry fundings, acquisitions & IPOs: January 2018


Twenty-five different startups were funded in January cumulatively raising $784 million; a great start for the new year. Four acquisitions were reported during the month while the IPO front lay waiting for something to happen.

50 AI & Machine Learning startups to watch in Finland


Recently, I've curated a list of 50 Finnish startups in the field of AI & Machine Learning for those who are looking for business partners or companies to invest in. If you are an international investor who wants to connect with one of the startups, feel free to drop me a message. I can make the intro and provide the companies' investor pitch deck to you if it is available. You can also use to check the company's revenue development. If you are an ambitious entrepreneur (based in Finland) who is working on the next world-changing idea and is looking for funding, let's meet! I'll be happy to discuss how we can help you with the fundraising process (for free). Most of the following information is from the company website. But if you've spotted an error, please let me know and I will revise accordingly. "AISpotter has developed a time-saving, fast service for coaches all around the world. Our goal is to combine high-end technology and sports of any kind. With real-time analysis, coaches and teams are given the power to be one step ahead in team development." "We've taken over 30 years of recognized University of Oulu Machine Vision Group technology and adapted it to improve your sports game. By combining state-of-the-art machine learning and computer vision in our unique way, we provide automatic and fast analysis service for your game."

25 interesting European AI start-ups to watch in 2017


Europe is a hotbed of AI innovation. Here are 25 AI start-ups to watch out for in 2017 and beyond. There are literally hundreds of promising companies pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence and machine learning in Europe. We've included a number of Israel-based start-ups because they too fall into the sphere of influence of European investors. And, judging by recent acquisitions of Israel-based machine vision and AI companies by players like Apple and Intel, they are definitely producing the goods.