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The venture capitalist with a Silicon Valley solution for minority-owned businesses

The Guardian

On first blush a Silicon Valley venture capitalist might not strike you as the first person to turn to when trying to address the racial wealth divide but these days we should take good ideas where we find them. Ash Shrivastav works for Buckhill Capital, a Silicon Valley-based private equity and venture capital firm that specializes in investing in early stage and growth companies and real estate such as Elon Musk's SpaceX, a customer-owned banking platform called Good Money as well as apartment communities from New York to Washington State. Now the Nepal native wants to help minority-owned business owners in Kansas City, Tulsa and Detroit make money too. But through the same model that's used by venture capital firms for the mostly white, male-run companies they invest in that are usually located in San Francisco, New York and Chicago. A venture capital fund he calls the Main Street Capital Fund which is run like any other venture capital fund, but with one little twist: the money comes from the US government.

Venture capital funding in AI doubles to US$12 billion


Artificial intelligence, particularly its applications in health, finance and the automotive sector, attracted US$12 billion of investment from venture capitalists globally last year, double the volume in 2016, according to a report by KPMG.

Venture Capital Social Media Scoreboard Updated – 270 Venture Capital Companies Listed


The purpose of this Venture Capital Scoreboard is not just about venture capital companies and Twitter profiles who list themselves as VC investors and accelerators, it is to recognize that social media presence really matters. Also, that Google searches Twitter and venture capital comes help their startups, growth, late stage and other investments succeed. That is, the firm or person who has the highest number of followers is not the only measure of the VC's social presence but certainly a viable one. Like any other factor, Twitter postings reflect the company or person's views of the world, the investments, goals and achievements. If you want to be added or updated, there is contact information listed.

Barclays Targets Technology With Venture Capital-Style Business

U.S. News

The British bank has struggled to deliver on its growth strategy after a decade of restructuring, with investment banking at the core of Chief Executive Jes Staley's plan for higher returns, despite an underwhelming performance.

San Francisco's data and analytics industry is pulling in venture capital


San Francisco's data and analytics industry is raking in new investment, with 23 local companies raising money. New funding rounds were recently announced by data and analytics companies Avanoo, Kompyte. Avanoo topped the city's recent funding headlines by announcing a $4.5 million Series A round on April 22. According to its Crunchbase profile, "Avanoo helps employees adopt behaviors, mindsets and stories to improve culture and performance." The six-year-old company also raised a $3.4 million seed round in 2015.