Premiership: Member clubs to vote on CVC Capital Partners takeover offer

BBC News

English rugby union's leading clubs will hold a special meeting at a west London hotel on Tuesday to decide whether to accept a £275m takeover offer for the Premiership from a private equity firm. The proposed deal from CVC Capital Partners, former owners of F1, for 51% of the league values the competition at more than half a billion pounds - but their initial offer is set to fail. BBC Sport understands Bath's owner Bruce Craig believes the Premiership is worth around £800m, and will therefore oppose the proposal on the basis it drastically undervalues the league. He is also known to be concerned about relinquishing commercial control, and by the motives of CVC, whose pursuit of profit and lack of investment in F1 was criticised during their decade-long ownership of the motorsport series, which they sold for £8bn last year. The deal is favoured by most of the clubs because it would mean a much-needed £17m windfall for each, writing off the financial losses that almost all have suffered in recent years as increasing revenues have been offset by player-wage inflation.

WCP Issues M&A Report on Artificial Intelligence Sector


Artificial Intelligence (AI) software performs complex tasks of learning and cognition at a level that matches or exceeds that of humans. This characteristic makes AI a particularly unique technology from the perspective of business models and value creation, as it simulates (and often exceeds) human performance. The business of AI, while quietly advancing in relative obscurity for decades, has finally emerged from its chrysalis into an entirely new industry with its own multi-billion dollar titans, and will force incumbents to acquire aggressively to maintain competitiveness. It is our projection that the value of M&A and Private Placement transactions in AI over the next 5 years will exceed that of the previous 50 years, with several acquisitions topping the $1 Billion mark. About Woodside Capital Partners Woodside Capital Partners is a global, independent investment bank that delivers world-class strategic and financial advice to emerging growth companies in the technology sectors, as well as institutional technology research services marketed as techView.

SAP Partner Podcast: The Power of Embedded Analytics Solutions


Data is driving the world. Every organization on their way of becoming an intelligent enterprise is collecting & leveraging data to create business value. This exciting podcast episode features innovation evangelist Timo Elliott, VP Global Innovations at SAP. Timo, who holds a patent on mobile analytics, is passionate about innovation, Digital Transformation, AI, ML, and Analytics in particular. Tune in to hear how Timo focuses on helping audiences around the world understand and getting most out of data, and why Analytics is the foundation of modern business. We hope you enjoy this podcast series.

EdgeX Foundry: Edge analytics' new tag-team partner for IoT


Today the business world is governed by sensors and the amount of data flowing in this sensors-occupied business sector is tremendous. Deriving values from the humungous data pool is tricky in itself. Edge analytics offers a way to derive value from data in a way that's faster, simpler and in many cases, more practical. However, to achieve better results from an IoT-oriented business, Edge Analytics has a new wingman by its side - EdgeX Foundry. Edgex Foundry is an open source project to build a common open framework for IoT edge computing and an ecosystem of interoperable components that unifies the marketplace and accelerates enterprise and Industrial IoT.

In Its Record New $6.3 Billion Fund, Insight Venture Partners Leaders Were Their Own Biggest Backers

Forbes - Tech

Insight Venture Partners' model of combining venture deals with private equity-style buyouts means it's not a surprise that its newest fund would be one of the biggest the venture capital industry has ever seen. But there's a key twist to Insight's $6.3 billion Fund X: The firm's general partners are its largest investors. "Hopefully it's a sign to our investors that we believe in our own strategy," says Midas List investor Deven Parekh, one of Insight's managing directors. "The vast majority of our collective net worths is in the fund." The fund, which gives Insight at least $23 billion in assets at 23 years old, is an umbrella one that covers the full scope of Insight's activity in the private software sector.