Can female mentors patch the leaky STEM pipeline?

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June 6, 2017 --As a freshman, Stephanie Mula found the University of Massachusetts's engineering program "overwhelming." A first-generation college student, she wasn't sure what to expect, how to get the most out of her classes, or where to look for internships. Nevertheless, she went on to beat the odds of the famously leaky science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) pipeline that produces only three professionals for every 100 female students who begin studies in the field. Today, Ms. Mula is an industrial engineer at Raytheon Missile Systems. She credits her success in part to the academic and professional advice of her upperclassmen mentor, a participant in a UMASS Amherst pilot program that's revealing significant benefits for same-gender peer mentoring.

Mentor adds OpenACC and OpenMP support for AMD Graphics Core Next (GCN) Architectures to CodeBench GFortran Lite


Mentor, a Siemens business, today announced the Sourcery CodeBench GFortran embedded compiler targeted to AMD Graphics Core Next (GCN) architectures for high performance computing applications. The GFortran compiler is the industry's only open source Fortran supporting OpenACC and OpenMP (Open Multi-Processing) parallel computing directives. Mentor is a leading compiler vendor in the embedded software industry with extensive expertise in Open ACC and OpenMP standards, GNU and LLVM compiling technology, and the architectures of the most widely-used commercial silicon architectures.

NextGen Voices: Quality mentoring


My mentor, like myself, is a first-generation graduate student. She had to pave her way through academia and fight for the projects she knew had value. In a male-dominated field, my mentor had to speak up when she was being overlooked. By creating a path for herself, she taught me how to advocate for science, for others, and for myself. Good mentors should work to identify their mentees' interests, even when it means stepping out of their own comfort zone.

Who Will Respond to Your Requests for Instant Trouble-Shooting?

AAAI Conferences

Instant mentoring services are novel social media, in which mentees can input expertise requests and wait for accepting some expert mentors who are willing to tackle the requests in an instant and one-by-one manner. While mentee's satisfaction of being mentored is determined by the matched mentor, this paper aims at analyzing and finding which mentors will respond to the given request raised by a mentee in Codementor, which is one of the popular instant mentoring services. We formulate the Mentor Willingness Ranking (MWR) problem. MWR is to understand whether a mentor is willing to tackle a request. We propose to deal with the task by generating a ranked list of mentors such that those mentors who are really willing to tackle the request are as many as possible. We develop three categories of features, Availability, Capability, and Activity, to model the willingness of a mentor dealing with the request. Results of analysis show the effectiveness of these features, and encourage develop learning-based method to accurately identify the willing mentors.

Over 1 million fingerprints leaked at one of world's biggest biometric firms, researchers say

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Fox News Flash top headlines for August 15 are here. Check out what's clicking on Researchers at a cybersecurity firm said fingerprint and facial recognition data was exposed at a major biometric company, saying the potential for "fraud is massive." "This is a huge leak that endangers both the businesses and organizations involved, as well as their employees," cybersecurity firm vpnMentor said in a blog post about the breach on BioStar 2, a biometric security platform built by Suprema, one of the world's top security device and security system providers. Biometrics uses human features such as fingerprints and facial recognition for authenticating a person's ID. "Facial recognition and fingerprint information cannot be changed. Once they are stolen, it can't be undone," vpnMentor said.