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But, Twitter recently updated the messaging system by filtering DMs into two folders. Our new grid guide makes it easy to find your show in your channel lineup! Introducing the next generation of Skype--share, chat, and create like never before. Amazon made a change to let users ask Alexa to remind them of something.

Collective data rights can stop big tech from obliterating privacy

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Every person engaged with the networked world constantly creates rivers of data. We do this in ways we are aware of, and ways that we aren't. Corporations are eager to take advantage. Take, for instance, NumberEight, a startup, that, according to Wired, "helps apps infer user activity based on data from a smartphone's sensors: whether they're running or seated, near a park or museum, driving or riding a train." New services based on such technology, "will combine what they know about a user's activity on their own apps with information on what they're doing physically at the time."

The Best Camera Gear for Your Smartphone


Grain for iOS: This app is more of a suite of editing tools than a photography app, but there's a lot of flexibility. Shoot your video, save it, and then open it in the Grain app from Moment and you get access to a full set of professional color-grading and video-editing tools--alongside a library of presets. The marquee feature is the ability to create and save your own video presets, so you can find a look and vibe you like and apply it to future videos with just a couple of taps. It's functionality you get from most pro video-editing software but in a very approachable and mobile-first interface. It costs $5 a month and is available only on iPhones and iPads. Halide for iOS: If you've ever wanted manual control over your phone's camera, Halide is an app you should definitely check out.

Get a photography course and award-winning AI software with Luminar for $40


The software analyzes your uploaded images then suggests templates with adjustable presets as a base to begin editing. And since professional photographers created the presets, you'll be off to a great start. The bundle also comes with 10 travel photo templates, 12 landscape templates, and 10 black and white templates. Finally, the "Learn Lifestyle Photography eCourse" is taught by husband and wife duo Chelle and Dan, two professional photographers. They will teach you how to plan a photoshoot and edit shots with Luminar AI. They also share dozens of practical tips on the basics of posing, location scouting, storytelling, and self-portraits. It's no surprise that Luminar AI has won several awards, such as the 2021 Red Dot Award for outstanding user interface design. It's also rated an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. So if you'd like an affordable way to learn photography, get the Complete Award-Winning Luminar AI Bundle for just $39.99 before March 22.

Take (and edit) great photos with this course bundle on sale


TL;DR: Get the skills to take and edit perfect Instagram photos with the Luminar 4 Power Bundle, on sale for 85% off As of April 20, get it for only $39.99. Whether you want to boost your social media performance or just tap into a hobby or skill you've been meaning to pursue, this Luminar 4 Power Bundle will help you not only learn photo editing, but also take your photo-taking skills to new heights. If you're new to photography or just want to sharpen your skills, you can explore the basics of exposure, white balance, framing, and other skills in the Photography Fundamentals course from ThinkTapLearn. Through nine lectures, you'll get an overview of the controls on your camera, dabble in lens essentials, and get a quick lesson on photography fundamentals. Once you've got the basics down and have some photos to work with, you can open up your shots in the Luminar 4 software (for both Windows and Mac).