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The future of AI is neuromorphic. Meet the scientists building digital 'brains' for your phone


AI services like Apple's Siri and others operate by sending your queries to faraway data centers, which send back responses. The reason they rely on cloud-based computing is that today's electronics don't come with enough computing power to run the processing-heavy algorithms needed for machine learning. The typical CPUs most smartphones use could never handle a system like Siri on the device. But Dr. Chris Eliasmith, a theoretical neuroscientist and co-CEO of Canadian AI startup Applied Brain Research, is confident that a new type of chip is about to change that. "Many have suggested Moore's law is ending and that means we won't get'more compute' cheaper using the same methods," Eliasmith says.

This 'virtual employee' is proof that the robot takeover is upon us


"She," in this case, is an avatar created by IPsoft, the global information technology services company. In a demo shown to Tech Insider, she shifts her weight from side to side when waiting for someone to speak, and smiles in between questions. If you tell her you're upset about something, she'll frown in empathy. If all goes according to plan, Amelia will be the customer service agent of the future, an "employee" who can field customer support questions for people without needing to bringing a human in. IPsoft solutions manager Benjamin Case tells Tech Insider that these low-level tasks are remarkably consistent across industries.

The Ultimate Ai Glossary


Explain: Many of the fears around AI stem from the possible job loss caused by the automation in industries such as manufacturing. However, automation is also at the heart of one of the most exciting and tangible AI products, driverless vehicles. An automated system can run without the help of a human but that does not make it artificially intelligent. An AI-powered automated system would not only be able to make decisions without a human but would be able to learn from those decisions and alter their action as a result.

Free Pre-Robot Apocalypse AI Tools For Smart Professionals


Long before we kneel to our robot overlords, AI tools will help schedule meetings and perform research for busy business professionals. Sustaining a positive work-life balance has become increasingly more challenging in today's technology-driven business environment. Automation technology thrives in environments traditionally considered laborious and time consuming – time better spent on tasks that make money, instead of wasting it. Time spent manually entering tasks, calendar items, and typing up emails on smartphones, in particular for those of you, like myself, blessed with sausage fingers, quickly became more hassle than it was worth. This process became especially irritating for business pros that are constantly on the move and rely, almost exclusively, on the features and functionality of their smart devices.

The Near Future of AI: The Road to Super Intelligent Apps and Machines


Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay. The AI revolution is changing lives but scaring millions. AIs are already everywhere, supporting the human mind in the pursuit to make the world better and our way of life even easier. They're in your phones and favorite apps, helping you stay connected and do what you do best in the shortest possible time. The opportunities are endless and uncertain.