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The Metaverse is HERE


Merely a handful of people know about the existence of the Metaverse and few, very few, realize the real potential of this massive opportunity that will disrupt how people live, play, work and interact with each other. When Mark announced a few weeks ago that Facebook is now a "Metaverse company", it clicked for me. The Metaverse is the future and here to stay. The "Metaverse" already existed as a concept for a few years, but the underlying infrastructure wasn't ready. Looking at technology today, I'd venture to say that it is ripe to support the Metaverse.

There are two kinds of Metaverse. Only one will inherit the Earth


The most polarizing word in technology right now is Metaverse. There are those who are convinced it is the future of society, like Mark Zuckerberg, who is such a believer he renamed Facebook in its honor. Other tech moguls are less impressed. Elon Musk, for example, recently said he is unable to see a compelling use case for the Metaverse and expressed colorfully, "I don't see someone strapping a frigging screen to their face all day." The truth is, they are both correct.

Facebook's Long, Costly Path to Metaverse Reality WSJD - Technology

Mark Zuckerberg says he has long imagined a virtual world where people work, play and interact. Now he's preparing to spend billions of dollars and years of effort at making that a reality so Facebook Inc. can prosper. Facebook on Monday said its spending on Facebook Reality Labs, where the company works on augmented and virtual reality, would dent total operating profit by around $10 billion this year. "I expect this investment to grow even further for each of the next several years," Mr. Zuckerberg said.

An entire NFT museum is on the market


It seems everyday NFTs are undergoing enhancement, furthering their meteoric rise. The latest innovation in the digital collectible market comes from the art world, naturally: a whole digital museum in the form of an NFT. The Museum of Digital Life (MoDaL), created by XR studio Delta Reality, is a self-contained metaverse. The virtual museum, at the time of its launch, currently holds 12 art pieces within its digital confines. This includes 2D images and videos, and 3D interactive objects and experiences.

Apple said to have ruled out a metaverse for its mixed reality headset


Don't expect Apple to follow others into the metaverse. According to the latest newsletter from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple has rejected the idea of a metaverse (in this case, an all-virtual world) for its long-rumored mixed reality headset. The very idea is "off limits," Gurman's sources claimed. The focus would be on short stints of communication, content viewing and gaming. Past rumors have hinted headset could debut as soon as this year, although its specs and target audience aren't certain.