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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella follows Apple's Tim Cook to India


Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella is visiting India, reflecting the growing importance of the country as a market for multinational technology companies. Nadella's visit follows the first visit to India by Apple CEO Tim Cook, who visited the country this month to drum up support for the company's plans to offer refurbished iPhones in the price-sensitive market as well as to get permission to set up its wholly-owned stores in the country. Both deals appear to have been blocked by regulators, according to reports. While Apple was largely seen as lacking focus on India until recently, when its China revenue fell 11 percent, while iPhone sales in India grew 56 percent year-on-year in the last quarter, Microsoft has been a long-time player in the Indian market. It announced in September last year the availability of Microsoft Azure services from local datacenter regions in the country, followed by Office 365 and CRM Online services.

Why Companies Are Adopting Serverless Cloud Technology

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Digital transformation involves building, testing and iterating on applications faster than your competitors -- specifically to meet the personalized, always-available, digital customer experience that people expect from the companies with whom they do business. Serverless technologies are another way to help developers focus on writing code without having to worry about infrastructure -- and companies are able to pay for actual amounts of resources consumed by applications, rather than pre-purchased capacity. Of course, serverless computing uses servers (physical and virtual), but these are meant to be completely abstracted away from the user. This means developers spend more time focused on solving business problems (e.g., faster app deployment) -- which means happier customers and more market differentiation.

Cloud computing is eating the world: Should we be worried?


Not so long ago I went to the opening of a gigantic new datacentre on the outskirts of London. It was a cold day and, despite a few heaters scattered around the hall, most of the heat was lost straight to the ceiling of the vast space, which would soon be filled with endless racks of servers.

What is DevOps ? Technology Gyan


What is Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Service is a Cloud Computing Service. Cloud Computing is being used a lot in today's time. In Amazon Web Services, you get not only Cloud Computing but more than 100 Computing Services related to Cloud Computing. Amazon Web Services is such a Remote Computing Service that gives you Cloud Computing Service, that too with Unlimited Bandwidth and Customer Support, now you can use this Cloud Computing Service for your Website or Blog or for any Apps. In 2006, Amazon Web Services began offering IT services in the market in the form of web services which is now known as cloud computing.

Amazon Adopts Open Cloud Technology as Competition Heats Up

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Amazon had previously offered a service of its own that was similar to Kubernetes, but the Google technology has established itself as the standard for such so-called "container" technologies and AWS ultimately had little choice but to support it, analysts said.