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Sr. Embedded Algorithm Software Engineer


Nest is looking for a software engineer to join our ever growing embedded software team. At Nest you'll have to opportunity to shape the Consumer Electronic business, join a world class engineering team, and help revolutionize the next unloved device in our homes. You'll be responsible to architect, design, and implement the heart that makes our future products tick.

Humans risk being unable to control artificial intelligence, scientists fear


The Daily Star's FREE newsletter is spectacular! Scientists have warned that humanity risks losing control of Artificial Intelligence if it keeps developing. AI software is becoming more common, with companies such as Amazon trialling self-automated vehicles. Experts recently made a major breakthrough with a revolutionary new AI system that never stops learning. But as technology develops, an international group of researchers have warned that there are increasing dangers of standalone software. In a study published in the Journal of Arititial Intelligence Research Portal, author Manuel Cebrain said: "A super-intelligent machine that controls the world sounds like science fiction.

An AI invented a bunch of new paint colors that are hilariously wrong


Research scientist and neural network goofball Janelle Shane took the wondering a step further. After churning through several more iterations of this process, Shane was able to get the algorithm to recognize some basic colors like red and gray, "though not reliably," because she also gets a sky blue called "Gray Pubic" and a dark green called "Stoomy Brown." Thanks to Shane's work, we are one step closer to knowing what that will be like. In case you need more: Janelle Shane has unleashed her neural networks on everything from metal band names to Doctor Who episode titles.

When the Police Treat Software Like Magic


Kash: The police are supposed to use facial recognition identification only as an investigative lead. But instead, people treat facial recognition as a kind of magic. And that's why you get a case where someone was arrested based on flawed software combined with inadequate police work. Witness testimony is also very troubling. That has been a selling point for many facial recognition technologies.

The Algorithm Design Manual


The reader-friendly Algorithm Design Manual provides straightforward access to combinatorial algorithms technology, stressing design over analysis. The first part, Techniques, provides accessible instruction on methods for designing and analyzing computer algorithms. The second part, Resources, is intended for browsing and reference, and comprises the catalog of algorithmic resources, implementations and an extensive bibliography.