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The Facebook Attribution Window: How Facebook Tracks Conversions


Wondering which ad should receive credit for a conversion? In this article, you'll learn how to use the Facebook Attribution Window feature for Facebook ad campaigns. When people interact with your Facebook ads or Instagram ads, they can take a variety of actions such as watching your video, visiting your website, or purchasing your product. Each of these actions is recorded. When your ad leads to a conversion, Facebook will attribute (credit) the ad in Ads Manager.

The 2018 Guide to Facebook Analytics


Facebook quietly rolled out its new Analytics tool in May. Most brands don't even know it exists yet! It's a powerful platform (with a mobile app version) that rivals Google Analytics and helps advertisers understand the entire journey of a user they're targeting across the suite of Facebook channels, including desktop, messenger, and more. While Facebook Analytics is enormously valuable, it can be a challenge to set up and understand. So we've broken it down in this guide to mastering Facebook Analytics!

How to Create a Facebook Ad With Business Manager : Social Media Examiner


Want to use Facebook for advertising? Wondering how to create your first Facebook ad using Business Manager? In this article, you'll learn how to create a Facebook page post ad using Facebook Business Manager. How to Create a Facebook Ad With Business Manager by Tristan Adkins on Social Media Examiner. If you don't already have a personal Facebook profile, creating that profile is your first step.

Facebook confirms Pixel outage may have impacted conversion, Custom Audience, Dynamic Ads reports - Marketing Land


If you have noticed a drop in your Facebook conversion reports this week -- or are seeing unexpected fluctuations with your Custom Audiences or Dynamic Ads volume -- you're not alone. The company is confirming with advertisers that its Pixel, which makes it possible to retarget audiences on the platform, suffered an outage that may have impacted standard Pixel events from being logged. Between September 16 and and September 17, Facebook Pixel stopped logging events for some advertisers, causing reporting errors that, according to Facebook, may have impacted data connected to conversions, Custom Audiences and Dynamic Ads volume. News from Facebook about an "outage related to pixel events." While Facebook claims everything should be loading as expected now, Foxwell isn't so sure.

How to Turn Facebook Fans into Customers (3 Little-Known Strategies)


Do you have a Facebook Page with thousands of fans, but aren't seeing the bottom-line results you want to be? Or are you struggling to generate Fans, and haven't even thought about monetizing them quite yet? Either way, turning your Facebook Fans into sales is going to be key. No matter if you have a single Follower or 100,000, there's little point in generating Facebook Fans unless you know how to turn them into customers. In this article I'll walk you, step-by-step, through three proven strategies that generate Facebook Fans and effectively turn them into customers.