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Wow, Weather

The New Yorker

Have you seen the weather? It is so much weather right now, I'm considering staying home instead of dealing with all this weather. All I know is that NO ONE can drive in this weather. People from my state are the worst at driving, especially when weather comes. It's like they've never seen weather before!

'Pokémon Go' Weather Update Problems: Users Say Some Pokémon Impossible To Find Now

International Business Times

Developer Niantic has updated "Pokémon Go" and has added its new dynamic weather system that allows the game to adapt to real life weather conditions. Unfortunately, the new feature is inaccurately warning players of extreme weather conditions even though the weather in the real world is just fine.

Best home weather station: Which one should be your personal meteorologist?


Your message has been sent. There was an error emailing this page. Everyone has their own morning routine. Some of us go for a run, others get the kids ready for school, some just want to know if it will be smooth sailing during their rush-hour commute. The weather can throw a monkey wrench into any of those plans.

10 of the best weather stations, according to online reviews


Weather is one of our big obsessions here at Mashable (just take a look at our Science page if you don't believe us). We've covered everything from incoming tornadoes in the midwest that contribute to climate change to our favorite cloud types (seriously). We even coined the phrase "bomb cyclone" to describe the storm that brought some epic snowfall back in January. Yup, we love the weather as much as we do Marvel movies and iPhones. If you're as obsessed with forecasts and weather warnings as we are, then a weather station should be high up on your shopping list.