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Super Bowl's raciest ads?

FOX News

Fast food restaurants go to great lengths to produce memorable ad campaigns every year, but they pull out all the stops to keep football fans thinking about food on Super Bowl Sunday. With so many different companies competing for the audience's attention, only the silliest and strangest Super Bowl spots manage to stand out from the pack. And once they do, there's a good chance we'll be discussing those special spots around water coolers for days to come -- and watching them online for decades. When it comes to Super Bowl spots, there's no shortage of great ones. But these fast food companies have presented us with exceedingly silly, exceedingly strange, and exceedingly under-clothed Super Bowl commercials over the years.

Truth behind Wendy’s patties?

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In the pantheon of burger chains, Wendy's ranks a distant third to its biggest competitors, McDonald's and Burger King, in terms of number of locations. With its never-frozen square patties, Frostys, and chili, however, it has developed a loyal following and manages to remain a fierce competitor while sticking to the core formula first devised by founder Dave Thomas in 1969. But whether you're a regular customer or just an occasional Frosty buyer, we bet that there are some things you didn't know about Wendy's. The story of Wendy's begins with its founder, Dave Thomas. Thomas and Sanders became friends, and in the mid-1960s Thomas was sent by the Fort Wayne franchise's owners to turn around four failing KFCs that they owned in Columbus, Ohio.

A reminder that Apple's '1984' ad is the only great Super Bowl commercial ever -- and it's now 33 years old

Los Angeles Times

George Orwell's novel "1984" is hitting the bestseller lists again, having been moved in bookstores from the "dystopian science fiction" shelves to the "current affairs" section. But today let's talk about another iteration of "1984": Ridley Scott's television commercial that year for the then-new Apple Macintosh. As we reported in 2014, on its 30th anniversary, the "1984" ad aired on national television in its full 60-second form only once, during Super Bowl XVIII on Jan. 22, 1984. It became a legend almost immediately. More to the point, it established Super Bowl TV commercials as a thing, garnering almost as much PR attention as the game itself.

Popeyes bringing popular chicken sandwich to overseas US military locations

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on The chicken sandwich is going global. Since it was first introduced in 2019, the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich quickly became one of the most popular new fast-food items. It sparked what some are dubbing the "chicken sandwich wars," with other restaurants introducing their own version of the sandwich.

Paul Batura: It's National Fast Food Day โ€“ Enjoy and remember good times with a side of fries

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The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is back. The chicken chain has announced its official return date. Let the second-round of chicken wars begin. Nearly 100 years since the founding of White Castle in 1921, America's love-hate relationship with its quintessential cuisine rages on with no signs of stopping anytime soon โ€“ especially not on Saturday, which is National Fast Food Day. Long the foil of doctors, nutritionists and health-conscious individuals, iconic brands like McDonald's, Burger King, Popeyes and Chick-fil-A have become ubiquitous across the American landscape.