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Leaks - Udemy –Deep Learning: Recurrent Neural Networks in Python 2021-6


Description Deep Learning: Recurrent Neural Networks in Python is a Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence training course focusing on the development of recursive neural networks (RNNs) published by Yodemi Academy. Among the most important topics covered in this course are GRU architecture, short-term long-term memory architecture (LSTM), time series forecasting, stock price forecasting, natural language processing (NLP) with artificial intelligence, and… Cited. At the beginning of this training course, you will get acquainted with the famous deep learning architectures in a brief and at the same time practical way. Recursive neural networks, or RNNs for short, are one of the most popular classes in the development of artificial intelligence-based systems used in modeling operations sequences. Among the most important applications of the RNN network are time series forecasting of various events, stock price forecasting, natural language processing, and so on.

Leaks - Udemy –MySQL For Beginners: Real Database Experience Real Fast 2021-11


Description MySQL For Beginners: Real Database Experience Real Fast is a MySQL database management system training course published by Yodemi Academy. MySQL is a widely used technology in the field of database and database management that is used by many small and large companies and has a variety of applications in various industries. Learning the database and how to work with different types is a basic skill for any developer and can help you in various areas of business such as marketing, accounting, programming, computer systems development and.. What you will learn in the MySQL For Beginners: Real Database Experience Real Fast course: Familiarity with the importance and application of databases in the digital world Install MySQL on personal and commercial systems Familiarity with the methods of designing and organizing a database based on company prerequisites and specific projects Methods of reading and receiving information from databases Methods of editing and accessing large volumes of data in groups and simultaneously Initial database configuration and activation methods Familiarity with common mistakes and bugs during database development Ways to improve performance and speed up databases Course specifications Publisher: Yodemi Instructor: Brad Schiff Language: English Education Level: Introductory Number of Courses: 38 Training Duration: 7 hours and 49 minutes Course topics Course Prerequisites No technical experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know; and only need a computer running a recent version of Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu.

InformIT –Linear Algebra for Machine Learning 2020-12


Description Linear Algebra for Machine Learning is a training course on the application of linear algebra in data science and machine learning, published by the Informit Academy. In this training course, you will get acquainted with the theoretical and practical issues of linear algebra and you will implement it in a completely practical way in projects related to machine learning. Machine learning and data science are two of the most widely used disciplines in today's digital world, and learning them can bring you many career opportunities. What you will learn in Linear Algebra for Machine Learning: Familiarity with the application of algebra and the principles of mathematics in the field of machine learning Familiarity with the basics of linear algebra Familiarity with different approaches to developing machine learning based solutions In-depth understanding of the working process of machine learning-based algorithms Improve the skills of mathematical intuition In-depth understanding of other topics related to machine learning such as calculus, statistics, optimization algorithms and… Course specifications Publisher: InformIT Instructor: Jon Krohn Language: English Level: Medium Courses: 58 Duration: 6 hours and 32 minutes Course topics Lesson 1: Orientation to Linear Algebra Lesson 2: Data Structures for Algebra Lesson 3: Common Tensor Operations Lesson 4: Solving Linear Systems Lesson 5: Matrix Multiplication Lesson 6: Special Matrices and Matrix Operations Lesson 7: Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues Lesson 8: Matrix Determinants and Decomposition Lesson 9: Machine Learning with Linear Algebra Prerequisites for Linear Algebra for Machine LearningMathematics: Familiarity with secondary school-level mathematics will make the course easier to follow. If you are comfortable dealing with quantitative information - such as understanding charts and rearranging simple equations - then you should be well-prepared to follow along with all of the mathematics.

Udemy –ASP.NET Core Razor Pages The Complete Guide (.NET 6) 2021-11


English subtitle Quality: 720p This tutorial was purchased by Downloadli with the participation of one of the users. The previous name of this course was Advanced ASP.NET Core 3.1 Razor Pages. Changes: Version 2020/6 has increased by 1 lesson and 2 minutes compared to 2020/2. Version 2021/11 has changed a lot compared to 2020/6 and the number of lessons has increased by 146 lessons (14 sections) and the duration is 11 hours and 18 minutes. All the old topics of this course have been archived by the instructor, which have been placed in the download section independently of the new topics. The course from this date is also free.

Leaks - Udemy –Automated Software Testing with Puppeteer 2021-11


Description Automated Software Testing with Puppeteer is a training course on automated software testing tools. Software testing is a process that continues from the beginning to the end of the software development process. Initially, this was done manually; But with the advancement of the software industry, manual testing has given way to automated testing tools. Automatic testing tools make testing operations much easier and faster. In the Automated Software Testing with Puppeteer course, you will learn about the powerful and very practical Puppeteer tool.