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LIFX Color 1000 review: One of the best smart bulbs gets brighter and better


LIFX was our runaway favorite bulb in 2015, and the company has hardly been resting on its laurels in the year and a half since. Today's LIFX bulbs are smaller, cheaper, and brighter, but are just as easy to install and use as the earlier ones. My biggest complaint last year was the gargantuan size of LIFX bulbs, which positively dwarfed other bulbs in its category--to the point where they were difficult to install into a standard lamp. This new LIFX bulb has the same shape but is 2mm thinner and a critical 20mm shorter than the original LIFX bulb, and it weighs nearly 2 ounces less. These are all significant and immediately noticeable when you're working with the bulb hardware.

Latest Release & Installation - BeeGFS


The automatic graphical installation is designed for inexperienced users and only provides a very limited set of options to keep it simple. If command line usage is not a problem for you, it is recommended to use the manual installation below (which is also very easy). Detailed instructions for the graphical installation procedure and package download links can be found in the Admon Installation Guide. Detailed instructions for the manual installation procedure and repository URLs can be found in the Manual Installation Guide. If you want to download repository files or BeeGFS packages directly, you can find them here.

UEA art installation 'nothing to do with suicide', Gormley

BBC News

Acclaimed sculptor Antony Gormley has defended criticisms of his latest installation featuring life-size human statues on top of university buildings. Some students at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich claimed the figures resemble people contemplating jumping off. But Gormley said all art should be "unsettling" and his work was "nothing to do with suicide". The work is part of a sculpture park being created on the campus. One student said: "I really did think it was someone who was going to jump off a building."

VR at the Tate Modern's Modigliani exhibition is no gimmick


In recent years, HTC has partnered with several museums to cultivate VR as a tool for art and learning. New projects are always in the works, and recently the company launched the Vive Arts program, reaffirming its commitment to working with developers and cultural institutions to further explore VR as an artistic and educational medium. The first installation under the Vive Arts banner has now opened at London's Tate Modern gallery as part of a new exhibition celebrating late-19th/early-20th-century Italian painter and sculptor Amedeo Modigliani. And to its credit, the VR portion of this retrospective is no gimmick.

Chorus extends NZ 28m fund for connecting UFB premises


Chorus has extended its deal with government-owned company Crown Fibre Holdings (CFH) to provide its NZ 28 million fund to finance free non-standard residential connections to the New Zealand Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) network out to the end of 2019. Under the fund, Chorus provides free fibre installations for premises that are beyond the standard 15-metre distance automatically connected, covering single-dwelling residential units and multi-dwelling residential units with three or fewer stories that are up to 200 metres from the network. The fund was first established in 2012, with Chorus at the time providing NZ 20 million to complete free residential non-standard installations, and increasing the fund to NZ 28 million in 2014. In February this year, Chorus extended the funding out to the end of 2016 after reaching an agreement with CFH. Chorus said it worked closely with CFH to come up with a "value-neutral way" to continue providing free non-standard residential fibre connections until the network build is completed in 2019.