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Red squirrels may be wiped out by Squirrel Pox in Anglesey

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Red squirrels could be almost wiped out in one of their last British strongholds by the deadly squirrel pox virus. Squirrel pox, carried by invasive grey squirrels, has helped destroy 95 per cent of native reds in England and Wales since 1952. But it had never been seen on Anglesey, Wales, raising fears after a dead red squirrel with facial lesions typical of the disease was discovered on Wednesday. Squirrel pox, carried by grey squirrels, has helped destroy 95 per cent of native reds in Britain since 1952. The virus is completely harmless for the invasive greys, which were introduced to Britain from America in 1876.

Aggressive Squirrel Attacks 5 People In New York, City Warns Park Patrons

International Business Times

New York Health Department officials warned people about a possible rabid and "unusually aggressive squirrel" that has bitten five individuals in a Brooklyn park this month. The city posted 30 signs in Prospect Park warning park patrons to be careful and warned that an "aggressive squirrel has attacked and bitten 5 people in this area." The squirrel reportedly attacked the bystanders, who included a 7-year-old girl, over the past week. City warns aggressive squirrel thats gnawed on five people in Brooklyn park may have rabies Wildlife experts said that any squirrel could be aggressive, the New York Times reported Tuesday.

Renegade squirrel narrowly avoids death by snowboard at the Olympics


A squirrel with a death wish was nearly run over during the parallel giant slalom at the 2018 Winter Olympics on Saturday.

Watch: Hungry Squirrel Steals Cop's Doughnut In Viral Video

International Business Times

Police in Alaska released a video of a hungry squirrel crossing a line after stealing a cop's doughnut. The video, which was shared by Anchorage Police Department on Sunday, quickly went viral with more than 3 million views. The less-than-one-minute video shows someone looking for the squirrel with the doughnut. The little creature was seen darting through several cars with the treat in its mouth. Ultimately, the squirrel hid itself underneath one of the vehicles.

Send help. An 'unusually aggressive squirrel' is terrorizing Brooklyn.


Residents in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, are on high alert for an tiny rodent terrorizing the neighborhood. New York City Health Department warns locals that there is a potentially rabid squirrel on the loose that has attacked and bitten at least five people on separate occasions. Although squirrels rarely have rabies, officials urge those who have been bitten to seek medical treatment. According to the New York Daily News, all the squirrel attacks occurred near the Parkside and Ocean Ave. Four of the five bite victims have been identified, and authorities want the fifth person, bitten while jogging, to come forward to help catch this crazed creature.