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New GeForce graphics cards inbound? Nvidia teases Gamescom event with 'spectacular surprises'


It's been more than two years since Nvidia launched its dominant GeForce GTX 10-series graphics cards, and that feels like an eternity in the world of technology. But the drought could be ending soon. On Monday, Nvidia announced that it's holding a "Gaming Celebration" event in Germany that includes "spectacular surprises" on August 20 at 5:30 p.m. CET/12:30 p.m. Eastern. It's the evening before Gamescom, Europe's biggest gaming trade fair, kicks off on August 21. That alone makes the event a strong candidate for the reveal of Nvidia's next-gen graphics cards, which numerous media reports (and our own sources) suggest will launch this summer.

Graphics sales surge, with AMD and Nvidia benefiting at Intel's loss


Spurred by the pandemic, consumers snapped up more computers with GPUs, a leading analyst firm said Tuesday. Second-quarter GPU sales were up overall 2.5 percent globally over the previous quarter, with year-to-year sales up an astounding 11.2 percent, according to a new report from Jon Peddie Research. AMD's shipments grew by 8.4 percent over the previous quarter, with Nvidia hitting a boffo 17.8 percent growth, the JPR report said. Intel, however, was down 2.7 percent over the previous quarter. If you wondering how Intel gets counted in GPUs since its discrete Xe graphics cards have yet to arrive, JPR's report looks at total GPUs sold, which include's Intel's integrated graphics.

Alienware's lightest 17-inch notebook ever has NVIDIA's RTX graphics


Just a few months after Alienware unveiled its first truly slim notebook, the company is back with a bigger model. The Alienware m17 shares the same refined design as the previous m15 -- slim bezels around the screen, and fewer extraneous case bits that added so much weight with the company's earlier notebooks --while delivering a 17.3-inch display and NVIDIA's recently announced RTX 20-series mobile graphics. Sure, it took a while for Alienware to compete with the likes of ASUS, Razer, MSI and Gigabyte, all of which delivered the most portable gaming notebooks we've ever seen throughout 2018. But at least the company managed to launch together with NVIDIA's long-awaited RTX 20-series GPUs for notebooks. It supports the RTX 2060, 2070 Max-Q and 2080 Max-Q, all of which are significantly faster than the last generation while adding support for NVIDIA's ray tracing technology.

Dell's Alienware desktops get upgraded with NVIDIA's RTX graphics


Dell is wasting no time keeping up with NVIDIA's latest graphics cards. At Gamescom today, the company announced that its Alienware Aurora tower and Area 51 flagship desktop will get NVIDIA's new GeForce RTX GPUs, including the high-end RX 2080 Ti. Don't expect any design changes for the rigs, though -- these updates just involve plugging in the new cards. With the extra power, Dell says the refreshed systems will be able to tackle 8K and 12K gaming. You'll be able to preorder the new Alienware desktops in September.

NVIDIA will show off its next-gen graphics cards on September 1st


Yesterday, NVIDIA caught everyone's attention when it tweeted an extremely vague, short video teaser. While the details are still lacking, today, NVIDIA announced an event scheduled for September 1st at 9AM PT. CEO Jensen Huang will "highlight the company's latest innovations in gaming and graphics." Even with such limited info, we can guess that NVIDIA will reveal its next-gen graphics cards. We do know that the event will celebrate the company's 21st anniversary, and given all the 21s in the teaser, we might guess that the graphics cards will be the 2100 series.