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Is College Worth It? These Best-Value Universities Provide Bang For Your Buck

International Business Times

In a day and age where a college degree no longer equals a steady job, deciding whether to pursue higher education can be tricky. The average student attending a four-year, in-state public college pays about 19,500 in tuition each year. Is that an investment you should make? Forbes has made answering that question a little bit easier with its Best Value Colleges 2016 rankings, published online Tuesday. Looking at factors such as tuition, drop-out risk and post-graduation salary, the business magazine came up with a list of institutions "that provide students with the most value for the dollar."

College Rankings 2017: Top 20 Universities Revealed In US News & World Report's Annual List

International Business Times

Even though the 2016 school year is just getting started, U.S. News & World Report released its annual rankings for 2017 on Tuesday. The media company compared more than 1,800 institutions to determine the best national universities, best value schools and best liberal arts colleges, among others. U.S. News' national universities list, which is widely considered to be one of the most credible college rankings, has a familiar name in first place: Princeton University. Princeton has topped the list since 2013. In second place is Harvard University, followed by the University of Chicago and Yale University tied for No. 3. The rankings were based on academic excellence.

College Rankings 2017: Stanford University Tops Niche's List Of Best Schools

International Business Times

Stanford University is just raking in the rankings. Its latest accolade came from review site Niche, which released its 2017 edition of "Best Colleges in America" on Monday with the Stanford California university in the top spot. Stanford is no stranger to being No. 1 on Niche -- it's come in first place on the site's best colleges list for the past three years, according to a news release. This year, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, came in second and Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, got third. The rankings are calculated from data on academics, finance, admissions and student life, according to Niche.

PayScale and Payfactors Join Forces to Create Compensation Technology and Data Powerhouse


Today PayScale, the industry leader in compensation data and technology, and Payfactors, a leading compensation data management company with deep industry expertise, announced that they have merged. Together, the combined company will become one of the largest providers of its kind in North America to help job seekers, employees and businesses get pay right. "Compensation and pay equity strategies are shifting even further on to the C-Suite agenda given the accelerated shift to remote and hybrid work and the overwhelming importance of the social justice movement," said Scott Torrey, CEO, PayScale. "Together, the PayScale leadership team's experience running SaaS businesses at scale combined with Payfactors' deep compensation expertise creates the optimal set of capabilities to offer faster paced innovation to get pay right today and in the future for even the largest of organizations." Both companies have built deep relationships with organizations and individuals by helping people navigate the increasingly complex compensation landscape.

Most Innovative Colleges 2017: Top 20 Schools With Free Tuition, Cool Degree Programs And Other Perks

International Business Times

With video applications, Starbucks-financed degrees and mandatory computer science courses, these schools are doing college right. U.S. News & World Report released Tuesday its ranking of the best colleges in the nation, and it also broke down the most innovative schools. Arizona State University in Tempe and Harvey Mudd College topped the national universities and liberal arts college lists, respectively, and a quick Google search shows that U.S. News wasn't lying about their institutional improvements. Arizona State, for example, partnered with Starbucks last year to offer free tuition to employees. Stanford University recently found that smartphones are faster at typing out dictated text messages than humans.