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The 100 Most Disruptive Companies to Watch In 2021


Disruptive technology is the technology that affects the normal operation of a market or an industry. Digital disruption entails established companies and start-ups alike enlisting new technologies in the fight to dislodge incumbents, protect entrenched positions, or to re-invent entire industries and business activities. And to remain disruptive in the market, it is really important to keep innovating. This is crucial because, innovations occur now and then in every industry, however, to be truly disruptive, and innovation must entirely transform a product or solution that historically was so complicated only a few could access it. On a minimum level, digital transformation enables an organization to address the needs of its customers more simply and directly. But through disruptive innovation, companies can offer a far better way to users of doing things that current incumbents simply cannot compete with. Artificial intelligence (AI), E-Commerce, cloud, social networking, Internet of Things, 5G, blockchain and other emerging technologies are being leveraged to blur the lines between industries, creating new business models and converging sectors. A company that disrupts its market is in a great position to take advantage of new opportunities. Sometimes offering something different can change the whole market for the better. Most of the top disruptive companies get this label by offering highly innovative products and services and here are 100 such top disruptive companies listed below. The company provides innovative, managed cloud services to help its customers succeed. With best-in-class service and technology, 403Tech protects companies against cybercrimes while enabling greater efficiency and productivity. Some of its popular services include desktop support, server support, wired and wireless networking, virus removal, data recovery, and backup and hosted cloud services. Aegeus Technologies aims to design and develop robotic technologies and solutions.

HPE Software and Micro Focus complete $8.8b spin-merger


Enterprise software vendor Micro Focus has announced that the $8.8 billion spin-off and merger of Hewlett Packard Enterprise's (HPE) software business has now been completed. "With the completion of this transaction, HPE has achieved a major milestone in becoming a stronger, more focused company, purpose built to compete and win in today's market," Meg Whitman, HPE CEO, said in a statement. "This transaction will deliver approximately $8.8 billion to HPE and its stockholders." UK-based Micro Focus claims it is now the seventh-largest "pure-play" software vendor in the world based on market capitalisation, with annual revenue of $4.4 billion. Chris Hsu, formerly COO of HPE and executive vice president and general manager of HPE Software, has been appointed CEO of Micro Focus.

Top 100 Big Data Companies Driving Innovation in 2021


Big data as the name suggests is a large amount of data that is growing exponentially and it is difficult to be managed by traditional data management tools. These large data sets need cost-efficient, innovative, and efficient methods for analysis so that they can be helpful to devise insights. Currently, the world produces 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily. The explosion of data continues in the roaring '20s, both in terms of generation and storage the amount of stored data is expected to continue to double at least every four years. When we look at Facebook that has hundreds of users across the globe. Facebook generates about 500 petabytes of data. And the company also uses big data to handle data needs. In the age of digital technology and social media, the amount of information generated is increasing exponentially. It has now become possible to analyse the data and get insights from it immediately. The concept of big data has been around for several years. Big data, in particular, offers marketers with unmatched data regarding their customers, which opens possibilities of easily recording, tracking and processing massive volumes of data within all actions. Big data solutions include storage, backup, analysis, visualization, as well as administrative controls for enormous volumes of data. Big data solutions make a complicated data infrastructure more efficient. Furthermore, big data technologies allow smart cities to leverage expanded capabilities. Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, smart sensors, smart transportation and other innovations are all part of this. Several companies have emerged over the years to provide solutions for wrangling huge datasets and understanding the relevant information within them. Some offer powerful data analysis tools, while others aggregate and organize datasets into usable formats. Big data has its uses and applications in almost every industry. Big data has a massive contribution to the advancement in technology, growth in business and organizations, profit in each sector, etc. Looking at the non-stop growth and progress of big data, companies started adopting it more frequently. A3logics is a global IT services, consulting, and business solutions company leveraging best-in-class technologies to drive business efficiency. A3logics creates a next-generation space dedicated to aligning IT with business goals. The company's dedicated team of tech-savvy developers and enthusiasts help organizations embrace top solutions, which will help them fulfil their business objectives. A3logics uses artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT, big data, augmented and virtual reality, etc to come up with software solutions that reflect the future. With the aim to bridge the gap between technology and business needs, the company works as a global provider of innovative solutions.

Kubuntu Focus Focus Friday


Kubuntu Focus Friday, Online Community Meetup/Event Call 844-KFOCUS1 or write to learn more about the ultimate Linux laptop, eGPU, service, or other solutions.

Microsoft's cloud focus could mean yet more layoffs


Microsoft is going through another reorganization that could result in "thousands" of layoffs, particularly to its sales force, according to TechCrunch, Bloomberg and others. The company is reportedly shifting teams around to emphasize Azure cloud sales, rather than boxed software, which is rapidly becoming a dying business. So far, there's no news on exactly which groups and regions will be affected. There's also no word on how this affects Microsoft's Surface division, which has seen solid growth until early this year, when sales dropped by 26 percent. However, Microsoft chalked that up to increased competition and its aging lineup of devices.