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Police: Kidnapped woman sought help at Starbucks

FOX News

The two were spotted a second time in Arizona--leaving a Grand Canyon-area hotel on Monday morning, the AP reports--before Paris was able to get away. Police had said that based on witness statements, the pair were believed to be heading for Las Vegas, and the AP reports Paris was indeed found Monday night at a Las Vegas-area casino-hotel. Paris reportedly told security guards at the Railroad Pass Hotel and Casino in Henderson, Nev., that she had been kidnapped. She was taken to the hospital; Hetzel remains at large. Officials say Paris had been granted a restraining order against Hetzel, who they also say should be considered armed and dangerous.

Ribs, wine and radish tops

Los Angeles Times

We are in between heat waves here in Los Angeles, which means we can take our time getting to farmers markets, consider eating something other than frozen dessert for dinner and maybe -- gasp -- even contemplate a little baking. Why not turn on the oven and watch footage of the recent September snowfall at Mammoth. To pair with brisket, how about Chilean wine, which you can read about, if you're drinking micheladas with your brisket. In other news, there are new restaurants coming -- specializing in ceviche and tostadas and live fire -- and much going on at the farmers market. If you think of barbecue joints as channeling the spirit of Texas, North Carolina or Kansas City, you haven't been to some of the backyard shops and pop-ups that have been happening in L.A. recently.

The Best Stemless Wine Glasses for Your Home


Stemless wine glasses can be divisive: "I think elitists still believe it is somewhat gauche to carry stemless glasses versus'proper' wine glasses in a restaurant," says Zach Jones, wine director at Chicago restaurant Pacific Standard Time. "That's kind of a silly way to think, but it is true that, at least in a restaurant, stemmed wine glasses are easier to store and transport because they can be hung upside down." But then, the opposite is true for klutzy people at home with small kitchens: "When shelf space is limited, they're a real lifesaver, without having to deal with giant racks or having to make space for tall glassware," says Roman Tartakovsky, beverage manager at Hudson's in New York. Plus, as many experts pointed out: a stemless wine glass works equally well for Aperol spritzs, Sangria, a nightcap of something brown, or even just water. So as a way to praise the stemless wine glass, here are over a dozen wine experts, restaurant owners, beverage directors, and frequent party hosts who've chosen their favorites.

Japan Airlines faces fresh disciplinary action after flight attendant drank Champagne on Narita-Honolulu flight

The Japan Times

The government Friday recommended Japan Airlines Co. improve operations after one of its flight attendants drank alcohol while on duty last month, the latest disciplinary measure against the airline that has been embroiled in a number of such incidents involving its flight crews recently. The female attendant drank some Champagne meant for passengers while working on a flight from Narita airport to Honolulu on Dec. 17. A colleague noticed the smell of alcohol on her breath and she tested positive in a Breathalyzer test, according to JAL. She has also admitted to consuming alcohol on a flight in November 2017, the airline said. JAL has been under scrutiny since one of its pilots was arrested by British police in October for being around 10 times over the legal alcohol limit under U.K. aviation law, delaying the departure of its London-Tokyo flight for more than an hour.

Burger-flavored brew brings some grill-kissed umami to your beer


From the original meaty versions to newfangled vegetarian options, people just love burgers. Red Robin's Grilled Pineapple golden ale (debuting at the Great American Beer Festival on Oct. 6 in Denver, Co.) isn't just made to complement's actually meant to taste like them. This particular beer (which contains no beef) is modeled after Red Robin's Banzai Burger, which has a teriyaki glaze and grilled pineapple as a topping. The restaurant chain's beverage development manager Katie Burkle tells Mashable there were other burgers on the menu considered as flavor inspiration, but none measured up to the "unique flavor profile" of the Banzai. The Golden Ale style brew is made in conjunction with New Belgium Brewing Company.