Jupiter's icy moon Europa has a hidden 'conveyer belt' of heat

New Scientist

Europa is the second innermost of Jupiter's massive Galilean moons and believed to be one of the most promising places to search for alien microbes. For decades, we've spotted signs of a massive ocean beneath its cracked crust. Some of this water makes its way to space via geysers. Between the crust and the ocean, there are another couple of layers of ice, a study based on data from the Galileo mission and previous models of the ice crust by Eli Tziperman at Harvard University and his colleagues has found.

Simone Giertz celebrated her birthday by trying to eat cake off a conveyer belt


Simone Giertz turned 28, and celebrated being "the length of an average menstrual cycle" by trying to eat cake off a conveyer belt she built. "I'm taking the day off, and this is how I'm treating myself," she deadpans. Running the conveyer belt back and forth, Simone tried taking bites of the cake, but ended up getting repeatedly smacked in the face by frosting. At one point, she tries to blow out her birthday candles with a vacuum. "Can I eat the berries?" she asked, before reasoning with herself.

Tesla's Next Broken Promise

MIT Technology Review

Tesla Motors and its chief executive, Elon Musk, have made an indelible mark on the global automotive industry with their celebrated battery-powered cars, purchased by consumers whose passion for Tesla appears boundless. If that feat just a few years ago seemed unlikely, the youthful company's next exploit looks even more so: to prove that vehicles in the digital age can be manufactured at great speed and high quality with minimal human manual labor. Since it started making cars in 2008, Tesla has delivered more than 140,000 electric vehicles globally, most of them its luxury Model S sedan and the Model X crossover with gullwing doors. Earlier this year, 400,000 people each sent Tesla 1,000 deposits toward its next car, the Model 3, scheduled to begin production next July in Tesla's factory in Fremont, California. Aimed at domination of the mass market for electric vehicles, the Model 3 is a popularly priced, battery-powered sedan that will sell for as little as 35,000.

Man Buys Two Metric Tons of LEGO Bricks; Sorts Them Via Machine Learning


Jacques Mattheij made a small, but awesome, mistake. He went on eBay one evening and bid on a bunch of bulk LEGO brick auctions, then went to sleep. Upon waking, he discovered that he was the high bidder on many, and was now the proud owner of two tons of LEGO bricks. He wrote, "[L]esson 1: if you win almost all bids you are bidding too high." Mattheij had noticed that bulk, unsorted bricks sell for something like €10/kilogram, whereas sets are roughly €40/kg and rare parts go for up to €100/kg.