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Step-By-Step: How To Get A Refund In 'Fortnite: Battle Royale'

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Not only did it add shield-bestowing mushrooms, rideable shopping carts and two tweaked limited time modes, it also introduced a bunch of quality of life improvements, chief among them the long-awaited return of the native refund system. Epic first introduced the refunds a little while ago and had to pull them also immediately due to a technical problem--technical problems are a big deal where money is concerned. They're back now but they're a bit hard to find, so read on to find out how you can get a refund on a cosmetic item in Fortnite: Battle Royale. First you'll start at the main lobby screen, like you would if you were playing normally. You'll go to click on the three little bars in the upper right-hand corner to open a drop-down menu, and then click on the little gear in the corner.

'Fortnite' account merging cleans up Sony's cross-platform mess


Sony screwed up with Fortnite. When Epic Games' blockbuster landed on the Nintendo Switch in June, it included cross-console capabilities for every platform except PlayStation 4, due to Sony's long-standing reluctance to make nice with rival hardware manufacturers. Sony fans were able to play with people on PC, Mac and mobile devices, but they were locked out of games with Xbox One or Switch buddies. This all meant PS4 players with existing Fortnite accounts couldn't access them on Switch, and vice versa, so plenty of folks ended up creating a separate profile for each device. And then, three months later, Sony enabled cross-platform play for Fortnite.

'Fortnite' has now been punted from the Google Play Store as well


Apple removed Fortnite from its App Store on Thursday, citing developer Epic Games' addition of new, unapproved features to the massively popular battle royale game. Now it seems Google has done the same, unceremoniously booting Fortnite from the Google Play Store. As is the case with Apple, at contention is Fortnite's new in-game payment option. Fortnite allows players to purchase in-game currency V-bucks with real money, which can then be traded for cosmetic items. On Thursday, Epic Games updated the Fortnite app to let players buy V-bucks directly from the developer, offering a 20 percent discount from its regular price and bypassing Google Play In-app billing.

'Fortnite' popularity keeps growing as free game generates $318M in revenue for May

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How much money can a free game bring in? If your game is "Fortnite," the answer is quite a lot. The popular video game notched $318 million in revenue last month for maker Epic Games. It was a new high and a 7 percent jump from the game's $296 million haul in April, according to the latest data from SuperData Research, a research firm that tracks the video game industry. Over the last three months, the game has generated roughly $837 million in revenue.