The Sensible Math of Knocking Over Absurdly Large Dominoes


Everyone has probably played with dominoes. At some point in your childhood, chances are that you tried this game: Line up a bunch of dominoes in a row and then knock one over. Soon the rest of the dominoes topple in a chain reaction. I'm not sure why this is fun, but it is. What if you have a small domino knocking over a bigger domino?

Open Data Science Company Domino Data Lab Secures $40M FinSMEs


Domino Data Lab, a San Francisco, CA-based provider of an open data science platform, secured $40m in funding round. The round, which brought total capital raised to $81.2m, was led by Sequoia Capital and Coatue Management. The company intends to use the funds to continue to deliver new data science platform products, acquire talent, expand globally, and secure and deepen strategic partnerships with companies like SAS and AWS. Founded in 2013 by Nick Elprin, CEO, Domino Data Lab provides an open data science platform for companies to run their business on models. Model-driven companies like Allstate, Instacart, Dell, and Monsanto use the company's platform to accelerate research, increase collaboration, and deliver high-impact models.

Data Science Success All About the Models, Domino Says


Forget about being "data driven." What you really want to be is "model driven," according to the CEO of Domino Data Lab, which today unveiled its new vision for elevating the predictive model as the single most important asset driving success in data science organizations. Nick Elprin co-founded Domino Data Lab with two colleagues, Chris Yang and Matthew Granade, at the height of the big data boom in 2013. With experience working as quants in the financial services industry, the founders were eager to build a platform that could help organizations build systems to leverage their data to gain a competitive edge, no matter the industry. At first, Domino focused on lowering the barrier separating data scientists from utilizing parallel computational infrastructure.

Domino for Good - Domino Data Lab


Domino for Good embodies the core beliefs and values of Domino Data Lab. We believe that collaborative data science can have tremendous impact on all areas of society and that we're uniquely positioned to empower this movement by contributing both technical and human resources. If you are using data science for good, are an educator or student, or sit somewhere on the venn diagram of those three categories, we'd like to team up with you!

You can soon order Domino's pizza from your car's touchscreen


Domino's is continuing its quest to let you order pizza through every device imaginable. It's partnering with Xevo on an app that can order pies through your car's infotainment system, no tethered smartphone required. You can avoid distractions by placing an Easy Order or repeating your last order, and track your food's progress. There's also an option to make an order by phone in case you have a complex request or just prefer human contact. The technology is expected to come pre-loaded on "millions" of cars sometime later in 2019, although Domino's and Xevo didn't name specific brands or models.