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Oklahoma Photographer Provides Courtesy Photos to Veterans

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Marilyn Moody of Wewoka said she took her parents, WWII veteran Dewey and Inez Muirhead, to Newell's home for photos with their other children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She said her parents' photos have captured people's attention on social media and they became involved in a project celebrating their 76 years of marriage because someone saw Newell's photographs of them.

MINI's head of design, anders warming, predicts the future of mobility


MINI's head of design, anders warming, predicts the future of mobility image courtesy of BMW group DB: after you gained this understanding of the people and the environment, what were some of the initial ideas that came through when you first went to develop this concept? AW: the first discussion was centered on how we are going to be living in the urban areas and what is going to be the space available to us. DB: on the same topic, as you quite rightly stated, MINI has a very clear brand identity. AW: well, it's a balance and I think that most really, really successful MINI statements have always been about duality. DB: talking about the act of balancing, with MINI, you have always had this balance of its size and its functionality.

Olya Petrova Jackson's Fashion Line, Ab[Screenwear], Declares RGB The New Black

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For all the high-concept themes and influences that founder Olya Petrova Jackson incorporates into her clothing, like her original code-based language system for the various layers and materials she uses (multi-colored dichroic polyurethane panels, shearling, leather, wool, and precious furs), or her vociferous dialogue with Kurzweil's theory of singularity, the looks are strikingly chic and completely ready to wear. Ab[Screenwear]'s Fashion Week presentation, geographically speaking, was divided into two halves. On the west side of the gallery, three contemporary movement dancers, each in a unique look, played off each other in a slow motion contemplation of our relationship to inter-personal space, sound, light, as well as the various materials interacting with their [our] own flesh. This triumvirate appeared to be led by the actor/model/dancer Elliot Sailors, who brought a ferocious physicality to the proceedings. Much of this incredible material was cut and incorporated by one of Olya's most vital collaborators, Tereza Barabash.

This Robot Built a House in 3 Days


HADRIAN X, a robot developed by Australian company FBR (formerly known as Fastbrick Robotics), has successfully completed its first full-scale test by building a 180 square metre house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Initially, Hadrian X was made to pass Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), which focused on its ability to work with bricks of different sizes and cuts, building from a CAD model and building tall or "from slab to cap". Above: Hadrian X laying blocks to complete Factory Acceptance Testing (image courtesy of FBR). After completing the trial, Hadrian X completed its first full home structure in less than three days. The structure was verified by independent civil and structural engineers as having met the relevant building standards.

Inside The Kate Spade & Co. Foundation's Partnership With Girls Who Code

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As of late, the Kate Spade & Co. Foundation is pouring grant money into programs with technology-driven non-profits, like Girls Who Code, that teach young, lower-income women about the world of digital marketing, wearables, web development and entrepreneurship skills, among other things. The hope is that these girls will lead fashion retail brands in the future. "New York City is exploding as a technology hub at the moment," said Valerie Biberaj, director of the foundation. "We knew we wanted to be a part of it, and saw Girls Who Code as an excellent fit with the brand's messaging. We decided we'd fund a summer class starting this year of rising seniors or college freshman women who want to learn about the opportunities available to them in the tech world."