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Qiskit Machine Learning API Reference -- Qiskit Machine Learning 0.2.1 문서


This is the Qiskit s machine learning module. There is an initial set of function here that will be built out over time. At present it has sample sets that can be used with classifiers and circuits used in machine learning applications. Class for errors returned by Qiskit's machine learning module. A neural network is a parametrized network which may be defined as a artificial neural network - classical neural network - or as parametrized quantum circuits - quantum neural network.



When you are looking to start Qiskit, you have two options. You can start Qiskit locally, which is much more secure and private, or you get started with hosted Jupyter Notebooks in IBM Quantum Lab. To install Qiskit locally, you will need Python 3.6 . Although it isn't required, we recommend using a virtual environment with Anaconda. Get started in the cloud without installing anything with IBM Quantum Lab.



Qiskit is a package in Python for doing everything you'll ever need with quantum computing. If you don't have it already, you need to install it. This course is constructed for students interested in Quantum Computing. Whether you are new to quantum computers or someone already familiar with the subject, this is a course for you. Each section of the course has a τheoretical part and a Coding part so that you can become a master in Quantum Computing.