The 10 Biggest Fitness Trends Of The Year (So Far)

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Wearable fitness is all the rage, but we probably didn't have to tell you that. There are hundreds of versions of fitness trackers on the market. While some perform as basic pedometers, others follow your every workout, snore, calorie and can even improve your posture. Whatever kind of health monitor you prefer, just having one shows you're on trend (though there's varying evidence on whether the quantified-self movement is actually valuable). In addition to fitness trackers, the American College of Sports Medicine has highlighted a handful of fitness trends that are taking 2016 by storm.

Sentencing Scheduled for Man in Planet Fitness Attack

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Police say the 23-year-old Lamonde parked outside a Planet Fitness in Rochester for nearly eight hours last year before attacking the 18-year-old woman as she got off work there. It was caught on surveillance video.

Fitness chain in Singapore gets shut down overnight, members left reeling


California Fitness, one of the earliest fitness chains in the country, has ceased all of its operations in Singapore with immediate effect. The announcement was made shortly after midnight on Wednesday local time, by Singapore High Court-appointed liquidators, Tim Reid and Theresa Ng of Ferrier Hodgson. California Fitness is owned by JV Fitness, which was the second largest gym operator in Hong Kong until it shut down all of its outlets on Friday. It was reported that the company owed HK 130 million ( 16.7 million) in rent and operational costs. According to the media statement: "JV Fitness does not have adequate liquid resources to continue its operations and therefore all outlets in Singapore will be closed from today until further notice.

LifeBEAM introduces Vi, your very own personal fitness AI trainer


A great fitness trainer makes workout 10 times more fun and effective. That is why LifeBEAM have introduced Vi. Vi is an AI personal fitness trainer who lives in biosensing earphones. She finds your ideal path to fitness and coaches you in real time. Each day, Vi tracks you, gets your more smarter, and coaches you real time and above all gets you result.

Pentagon Bans GPS Fitness Apps, Says They're 'Significant Risk' To Troops

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After concerns were raised earlier this year, the Pentagon has banned military troops and other workers at sensitive sites from using fitness trackers and other applications that can reveal the user's location. In a memo obtained by The Associated Press, the Pentagon says that apps using a device's GPS function represent a risk to military activities and personnel. "The rapidly evolving market of devices, applications, and services with geolocation capabilities presents significant risk to Department of Defense (DoD) personnel both on and off duty, and to our military operations globally," it reads. "These geolocation capabilities can expose personal information, locations, routines, and numbers of DOD personnel, and potentially create unintended security consequences and increased risk to the joint force and mission." While devices such as smart watches, tablets, cellphones or fitness trackers aren't themselves banned under the order, individual military leaders will be able to rule on whether local staff can use GPS, depending on the specific level of security threat.