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Tickets go on sale for 'spaceballoon' cruises to the stratosphere for $125,000 per person

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Tickets for Space Perspective's'cruises' to the stratosphere went on sale Wednesday for $125,000, which provides explorers with a'luxurious' experience at a much lower cost compared to Blue Origin that auctioned off a ticket for $28 million. The firm is using giant'spaceballoons' to take up to eight guests into the stratosphere, 20 miles above the surface, for a trip that lasts six hours. The announcement follows a private pre-sale period that sold out the first three initial trips - commercial flights are set to takeoff in 2024. Passengers will also be able to feast their eyes on 360-degree views of Earth while inside a capsule that provides a bathroom and bar. Jane Poynter, Founder, Co-CEO of Space Perspective told 'At a leisurely pace of 12 mph, propelled by a spaceballoon the size of a football stadium, Spaceship Neptune will rise to above 99% of the Earth's atmosphere to give our space explorers the quintessential astronaut experience of seeing our Earth in the blackness of space.' Tickets for Space Perspective's'cruises' to the stratosphere went on sale Wednesday for $125,000.

8 men and women once sealed themselves inside fake Mars colony for 2 years -- here's what it's like today

The Independent - Tech

A decade before Elon Musk founded his fast-rising rocket company, SpaceX, or spoke publicly about colonizing Mars, a different billionaire captivated the world with Biosphere 2. Ed Bass, an oil tycoon, spent about £183 million to build and operate that facility as a proof-of-concept for a permanent, self-sustaining habitat on Mars. Four men and four women sealed themselves inside the airtight space in September 1991 and emerged two years later. The experimental space-age facility served as the stage for a spectacular and controversial story of human endurance. Built into a hillside of the Arizona desert during the early 1990s, the complex remains a functional marvel of engineering. Biosphere 2 is nestled in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains in Oracle, Arizona.

FIREMAN KILLED Wife arrested after captain found murdered in truck

FOX News

A suburban Dallas firefighter was found shot to death and police have charged his wife with conspiring to kill him. Bob Poynter, 47, was found dead in his truck Friday night after officers responded to a report of a woman trying to flag down cars on a county road, Fox 4 Dallas reports. He was a fire captain with the University Park Fire Department. Police in Royse City, Texas, said the woman was Chacey Poynter, 29, and that she told the officers that her husband had been shot and was in the vehicle. Cops said he died of a single gunshot wound.

What do we mean by Artificial Intelligence, and what is happening in Market Research?


Ray Poynter will be presenting a paper titled'Problems in Identifying Causality in Observational Data'. This is a topic that NewMR will be exploring over the next year or so. In market research, there is a big shift taking place from questions to observations, which brings many advantages. However, there are some methodological problems and weaknesses with observational data that need to be addressed. This workshop is a one-day workshop spread over two days, with a social evening included.

Facebook Live adds closed captioning for deaf and hard of hearing

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

Facebook is launching closed captions for Facebook Live videos. SAN FRANCISCO -- Facebook says it's bringing closed captioning to Facebook Live to make at least some of the videos streamed live on the social network accessible to people who are deaf and hard of hearing. Not all Live videos will have closed captions, but if captioning settings are turned on, Facebook users will automatically see closed captions on Live broadcasts when they're available, Facebook's director of accessibility Jeffrey Wieland told USA TODAY. Facebook videos that are not live-streamed already had this capability, but only if the publishers offer captions. The move is part of the broader push at Facebook to make more of its content accessible to more people.