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Chappelle on 30 Years in Showbiz and Sensitivity in Comedy

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Chappelle: This is a hard question to answer. No, it doesn't alter it. I feel like our ears are calibrated a certain way for a reason right now, and different people are sensitive to different things. I think the only way we got a shot at being cohesive and hearing each other is if we speak more freely. And I feel like there are things happening in culture that are making the audience a more discerning audience out of necessity.

Watch Dave Chappelle's Blistering em Saturday Night Live /em Opening Monologue


Dave Chappelle hosted the first Saturday Night Live after the election, and more importantly, the first Saturday Night Live since the election was finally called. Chappelle also hosted the first post-election SNL in 2016, and his monologue that night reminded white America that Donald Trump was not that out of character for the country, telling the audience, "It seemed like Hilary was doing well in the polls, and yet--I know the whites." Tonight, the national mood is very different, but Chapelle's monologue, which covered everything from a spat Chappelle is having with his neighbors in rural Ohio all the way up to the end of the Trump presidency, was a reminder that we're still a very divided nation. Chappelle made an extended argument that white Americans, with declining life expectancies, rising suicide rates, and drug problems, are looking more and more like a Reagan-era caricature of Black people. That's not necessarily a message SNL's audience wanted to hear, and it was fascinating to see which jokes played well and which didn't.

Dave Chappelle Regrets Defending Trump When He Asked Americans To Give The President A Chance

International Business Times

Comedian Dave Chappelle apologized Monday during a dinner benefiting "Robin Hood," a non-profit organization that fights poverty in New York, for suggesting that Americans should give President Donald Trump a chance after he took office. After Trump won 2016 U.S. presidential elections and was elected 45th president, Chappelle hosted a Saturday Night Live (SNL) show in November where he requested his viewers to give the new president a chance to prove himself. During dinner Monday, Chappelle told his audience he was wrong and said "I was the first guy on TV to say, 'Give Trump a chance.' Sorry," according to MSNBC and "Today" co-host Willie Geist, who was also present during the event. Chappelle made his hosting debut on SNL in November where he spoke about Black Lives Matter, Trump and Hillary Clinton during his 11 minute-long monolog.

Dave Chappelle willing to meet with trans community amid Netflix scandal, won't bend 'to anybody's demands'

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Fox News Flash top entertainment and celebrity headlines are here. Check out what clicked this week in entertainment. Dave Chappelle has spoken out about the controversy over his Netflix special "The Closer" in a new stand-up video, saying that he is willing to meet with transgender Netflix employees or other members of the trans community, but won't bend "to anybody's demands." In the video, Chappelle remained unapologetic about the special -- which was accused of containing transphobic and homophobic remarks and led to a walkout at Netflix -- saying: "I said what I said." "It's been said in the press that I was invited to speak to the transgender employees of Netflix and I refused. That is not true -- if they had invited me I would have accepted it, although I am confused about what we would be speaking about," Chappelle said in the video.

Dave Chappelle's third Netflix special will premiere December 31st


Dave Chappelle's third Netflix special, Dave Chappelle: Equanimity, will debut on the streaming service December 31st, Variety reports. It's the first comedy special Chappelle has made exclusively for Netflix. Last year, the service announced that three specials from the performer were on the way and the first two -- previously unreleased material from shows performed at Austin City Limits and the Hollywood Palladium -- were released in March.