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Instagram down: App and website break, showing only '5xx Server Error' rather than pictures of food

The Independent - Tech

Instagram is completely down, leaving people unable to use either its app or website. Visitors to the website see a message reading "5xx server error" and nothing else. App users will see a message saying that the app "couldn't refresh feed" – though the problem looks temporary, it isn't actually possible to get new pictures at all. It isn't clear what the source of the problem is or if it will be fixed any time soon. Connected company president Shigeki Tomoyama addresses a press briefing as he elaborates on Toyota's "connected strategy" in Tokyo.

Danish Kaneria admits spot-fixing after six years and apologises to Essex

BBC News

Former Pakistan cricketer Danish Kaneria has admitted he spot-fixed after six years of denial. The 37-year-old has also apologised to former Essex team-mate Mervyn Westfield, who was sent to jail after Kaneria encouraged him to spot-fix. Leg spinner Kaneria, who unsuccessfully appealed against a life ban from playing in England and Wales, says he "cannot live a life with lies". I lost everything," he told Al Jazeera. "I lost friends, respect from fans.

Google ad tracking gets far more personal as company drops bans on how it uses data

The Independent - Tech

Google's ad tracking data has been extended – potentially to watch over much of your life. Until recently, the site had important restrictions on the way that it could use your data. And perhaps one of the most important ones was the fact that Google worked hard to keep a massive database of web-browsing records separate from the personal information that it stores about people. Because of its huge range of products, Google knows a lot about specific people: for most internet users, it likely has their name, their addresses and a range of other personal information. And through its DoubleClick advertising network it has a huge set of information about people's web browsing history.

Police break up Westfield Stratford fight

BBC News

An eyewitness told the BBC the incident happened during the Boxing Day sales, when two groups of teenagers began "pushing and shouting".