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Dozens killed in Ethiopia landslides, flooding amid rains

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A state-affiliated broadcaster in Ethiopia says at least 50 people have been killed in flooding and landslides triggered by heavy rains. Fana Broadcasting Corporate cited local officials who said roads have been washed away, bridges have collapsed and tens of thousands of people are affected by heavy rains in many parts of the country. Alemayehu Mamo, a police official in the Wolaita Zone in southern Ethiopia, told Fana that 41 people were killed Monday following landslide there. In another area called Bale, in southeastern Ethiopia, nine people died and more than 1,000 cattle drowned in floods. Ethiopia is struggling with the worst drought in 50 years, but unseasonably heavy rain is also causing massive damage in many parts of the country.

Egypt and Ethiopia to Discuss Nile Dam Dispute: PM

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Egypt fears the scheme will restrict the waters coming down down from Ethiopia's highlands, through the deserts of Sudan, to its fields and reservoirs. Ethiopia, which wants to become Africa's biggest power exporter, says it will have no such impact.

Anger in Ethiopia as Officials Demolish Hundreds of Houses

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Ethiopia's economy is the fastest growing in sub-Saharan Africa, with an estimated growth rate of 8 percent in 2018. The country has embarked on large-scale infrastructural projects including the construction of a massive dam on the Nile River and new road and rail projects. Addis Ababa airport has recently been expanded. Last Thursday, the government unveiled a grand plan to develop and carry out a $1 billion redevelopment of Addis Ababa's riverside location.

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The experience of Ethiopia, preaching at Beza International Church and conversation with Rob are just a small part of the total confirmation you need to be able to move on. This is the first step in making the future that you are hoping for. Plan to return to Ethiopia, and also plan to be involved in missions to whatever extent you are needed or useful. Give your full commitment to the body of Christ at HillSong.

Deadly floods hit Ethiopia

Al Jazeera

Seasonal rains have come early to parts of Ethiopia, causing deadly floods in places. The state broadcaster, the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation told the Associated Press news agency that 28 people have been killed in two remote regions of the country. Addis Ababa, recorded more than a quarter of the April average rainfall earlier this week with 23mm of rain falling on Sunday. The entire month would normally expect 86mm. Just 60km to the southeast of the capital, Harar Meda reported 54mm of rain in the following 24 hours.