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Data Science for Business Intelligence London Business School


Work on your own data science challenge from beginning to end, using world-class theory and searing insights to solve your specific problem. PHASE 1 Connect and engage Pre-programme Take the opportunity to refresh and stretch your data science skills, using a range of online assets. Identify and refine your data challenge using faculty expertise during 1-2-1 conversations. PHASE 2 Learn, apply and challenge 5 days on campus Immerse yourself in a collaborative and energetic learning experience in the heart of London. Learn in a structured environment with high-calibre teaching from world-class faculty to further develop your knowledge in this sphere and apply it to your organisational context and beyond.

AI developers: don't forget ethics London Business School


Human biases can become part of the technology people create, according to Nicos Savva, Associate Professor of Management Science and Operations at London Business School. A recent House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence (AI) "AI in the UK: Ready, Willing and Able?" urged people using and developing AI to put ethics centre stage. The committee suggested a cross-sector AI Code, with five principles that could be applied globally including that artificial intelligence should "be developed for the common good and benefit of humanity" and should "operate on principles of intelligibility and fairness". The committee's chairman, Lord Clement-Jones, said in a statement: "The UK has a unique opportunity to shape AI positively for the public's benefit and to lead the international community in AI's ethical development, rather than passively accept its consequences." He added that "AI is not without its risks".

Allegations against Ref Rodriguez taint the entire charter school movement

Los Angeles Times

To the editor: Could you imagine what would have happened, say, three years ago if a member of the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education had been charged with money laundering and accused of ethical violations?

Want to future-proof your business? Try a customised learning programme


The past two decades have seen the workplace transformed by digital advances. Gone are many traditional structures and practices, replaced with new ways of doing business, designed to support collaboration and digitally-enabled remote and flexible working. As the technology behind AI and robotics becomes more sophisticated, the number of jobs that remain untouched by automation will decrease. "To keep pace, businesses must rethink how they organise work, reinvent jobs, redeploy staff and implement robust plans for the future," says Lynda Gratton, professor of management practice at London Business School (LBS). There are also emerging social trends and shifting demographics to consider.

Ángel Gurría on AI and Sustainable Business I London Business School


OECD Secretary-General Ángel Gurría, explores the impact of AI on sustainable development goals, and addresses our anxieties as we move into the machine age. This event was moderated by Rajesh Chandy, Professor of Marketing and Academic Director of the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development.