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Tinder chairman hasn't taken any of his own profile advice


If you scroll through Tinder fast enough and over a long enough period of time, you're bound to come across a famous person. You might even come across the co-founder and chairman of Tinder itself, eligible bachelor Sean Rad. We know that as a famous person Rad has to maintain an air of professionalism, even on his own app. Sean Rad's Tinder profile may have crossed that line. "But he's the CEO, he should be an expert at Tinder!" you may or may not care to exclaim.

Tinder will 'Boost' UK profiles, for a price


"There are plenty more fish in the sea," the saying goes. What's the best way to stand out? Well, there's now Tinder Boost -- a premium feature that makes you the "top profile" in your area for 30 minutes. The option premiered in Australia a couple of weeks ago, and now it's rolling out in the UK. Once activated, your profile will be pushed to the front of everyone's queue, improving your visibility and the chance of a new match.

Trendsetters teach us how to pose for show-stopping Tinder profile photos


Get it right, and you could find yourself in demand. But, get it wrong, and you could end up dateless. Mashable asked some of the trendiest people at London Fashion Week how to pose for a Tinder profile photo. And, of course, they gave us some stellar advice on how to create a show-stopper. You don't want to seem overly friendly, don't want to give out the wrong impression."

Tinder Feed: Update That Shows Matches' Newest Profile Pictures, Instagram Posts Being Tested

International Business Times

Tinder announced it has begun testing a new feature called Feed. The new Feed feature on Tinder will show users real-time updates from their matches, which may include new profile picture, Instagram posts and new Spotify Top Artists.

Tinder Has Secret Members-Only Version Available For High-Profile Users

International Business Times

Tinder has been operating a special members-only version of the app called Tinder Select. The app is intended for elite users that are popular on the platform or are celebrities and CEOs, while some members are just really attractive. The existence of Tinder Select was first reported by TechCrunch. Tinder has apparently started inviting people on the exclusive layer of the app, and those invited are able to nominate other users as well. The site says that Tinder Select has been around for almost six months at the very least.