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Do All Businesses Need DevOps?

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Many Businesses are instilling a DevOps culture into their organization. DevOps was invented as a way to make developers and IT operations work closer together, ensuring that the barrier is removed between developers and those who use the results of their development. Marcus Jewell, VP EMEA at data and storage networking company Brocade describes it as a "cross-disciplinary practice that spans all of the roles involved in delivering applications for an organization". Karl Hoods, CIO of the charity Save the Children UK defines it as a way of "removing the barriers to deliver code more effectively". "That's code that builds machines, or code that we deploy.

Effective DevOps - Programmer Books


Some companies think that adopting devops means bringing in specialists or a host of new tools. With this practical guide, you'll learn why devops is a professional and cultural movement that calls for change from inside your organization. Authors Katherine Daniels and Jennifer Davis provide several approaches for improving collaboration within teams, creating affinity among teams, promoting efficient tool usage in your company, and scaling up what works throughout your organization's inflection points. Devops stresses iterative efforts to break down information silos, monitor relationships, and repair misunderstandings that arise between and within teams in your organization. By applying the actionable strategies in this book, you can make sustainable changes in your environment regardless of your level within your organization.

DevOps jobs: Salaries are rising, but some are going up faster than others


DevOps engineer salaries have been on the rise, driven partly by the pandemic, but salaries for certain roles are growing faster than others. Demand for DevOps skills seems to have skyrocketed over the past five years. Consultancy Bain & Company in September reported DevOps job postings grew 443% between 2015 and 2019, which is comparable to postings for machine learning, but way faster than postings for data science (167%) and software engineering (69%). Here's a list of the most popular programming languages and where to learn them DevOps has been popularized over the past decade around the idea that software development can be fast, deliver business results and produce stable IT operations. It spans software development, testing, quality assurance, security and monitoring, and then deploying code to run efficiently on IT infrastructure.

Top DevOps Trends to Be Aware of in 2020


DevOps is a combination of practices that aims to enhance development processes by improving the collaboration between operations and development departments. Aim of DevOps is to provide continuous delivery with high software quality and shorten the systems development life cycle. Experts say that DevOps future trends are going to be popular and its popularity is going to reach its peak in 2020. Traditional Ops are 41% more time-consuming overall and spend an average of 7.2 hours weekly on communication while also traditional Ops spends 21% more time putting out fires. But DevOps spends 33% more time on infrastructure improvements and spends 60% less time handling support cases.

DevOps accelerates, requiring new leadership styles


It's clear that DevOps initiatives are now underway at a majority of organizations -- and the time is ripe for leaders to step forward and take things to the next level.