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Apple's $1 trillion milestone is not the most important measure of success, says Tim Cook


Tim Cook wants everyone to chill just a bit. SEE ALSO: This is probably what Apple's upcoming iPhones will look like "Financial returns are simply the result of Apple's innovation, putting our products and customers first, and always staying true to our values," Cook wrote. But Apple's success did not come overnight; it's a testament to the company's ability to continuously beat analysts' predictions and turn a profit, quarter after quarter, year after year. Cook's comments come after a stellar fiscal third quarter -- the best in the company's history -- in which Apple posted a revenue of $53.3 billion and net income of $11.5 billion. The company's stock price closed at $207.39 on Thursday following the earnings report, making Apple the first-ever, publicly traded U.S. company to reach a $1 trillion market cap.

Apple to Roll Out Privacy Measures Despite Facebook Objections WSJD - Technology

Apple Inc. plans to roll out its extensive new privacy-protection options for users over the next several months, moving ahead with plans that have ratcheted up tensions between the company and social-media giant Facebook Inc. On the same day Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg told investors Apple poses a growing threat to its business, the iPhone maker reiterated its intent to give users the option to limit how apps track their digital footprints. Apple users early this spring will see the new feature, which will allow ad tracking only if consumers opt in once they receive a prompt on an iPhone or iPad. The software update to its mobile operating system would make it so that Facebook or other companies would no longer be able to collect a person's advertising identifier without permission. Chief Executive Tim Cook is slated to speak Thursday on the topic of data privacy at the Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference.

Apple Takes Drastic Measures to Stop a Nasty FaceTime Bug


It's often hard to tell just how seriously to take reports of a new vulnerability. The jargon is inscrutable, and the skills needed to pull off the attacks are possessed only by highly skilled professionals. But a bug afflicting Apple's FaceTime chat has no such ambiguity. Rather than risk exposing people to it, Apple pulled the plug on FaceTime group chats altogether. Unlike other high-profile gaffes, what makes this bug so alarming isn't the depth of knowledge someone could glean by exploiting it.

Garcetti 'optimistic' about passage of L.A. Metro tax measure

Los Angeles Times

An ambitious measure to raise the Los Angeles County sales tax and dramatically expand the mass transit system took an early lead Tuesday night in early and absentee voting, just passing the two-thirds threshold needed for victory with 9% of precincts reporting. The early tally showed 67.28% of voters favored the half-cent sales tax increase. That's above the 66.67% threshold it needs to win. I don't ever declare victory until the end," said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. But, he added, early results looked "very promising."

Quid helps Quartz measure top influencers in electric vehicle narrative


Tesla is present in almost every subtopic of the overall narrative. Its dense mentioning in regions focused on other brands, such as Chevy (purple on left), Volvo (orange at top), Honda (plum in middle) and Ford (peach at top), shows Tesla is the Goliath to contend with in the electric vehicle market. Elon Musk's company is also a strong influencer in national regulation of related technology and infrastructure, revealed by its many mentions in regions focused on state fees and tax credits (teal in lower middle), charging networks (yellow in bottom left and aqua in bottom), state utilities and regulations (blue in bottom left) and impact on oil market and utilities (light red in middle right). Lastly, Tesla is strongly tied to the development of cutting-edge electric vehicle technology by non-automakers, with its prevalence in regions focused on Qualcomm charging moving cars (lime green sticking out bottom right), Samsung battery (teal sticking out right), Faraday Future (lime green top left), and Apple Maps update in Europe (light blue isolated in top right).