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Officials: Blaze Destroys Home in Jericho

U.S. News

WPTZ-TV reports crews responded to the Jericho home around 4 p.m. Thursday. Underhill-Jericho Chief Matthew Champlin says firefighters struggled to contain the fire while dealing with cold weather conditions.

Cecil the Lion Died Amid Controversy--Here's What's Happened Since

National Geographic

Cecil and another male, Jericho, had led a pride with 14 offspring, including eight young cubs. All but one are now alive and well under Jericho's protection, according to Wildcru's Macdonald. Scientists had worried that another male would overthrow Jericho and kill those cubs, as incoming males often do so that the females will quickly become fertile again. But that hasn't happened as of June 30, 2016. "Jericho has managed to hold the fort," Macdonald says.

SummerSlam live updates: Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens defeat Enzo Amore and Big Cass

Los Angeles Times

Follow along as we cover every match of SummerSlam, from opening bell to final pinfall. The card starts at 2 p.m. on the WWE Network. Enzo Amore had the Brooklyn crowd in the palm of his hand, speaking about Frank Sinatra and Biggie Smalls. Cass sang part of "New York, New York". Owens got a laugh when he mocked Enzo's dance on the ring apron.

5,000-Year-Old Cosmetics, Jewelry Show Rise of Ancient Jericho

National Geographic

The 3,800-year-old burial of an aristocratic young girl adorned with bronze jewelry and Egyptian scarabs shows century-long links between Jericho and Egypt.

How A 75-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Head Was Reunited With Its Body

Forbes - Tech

The original Corythosaurus skull collected by George Sternberg in 1920. There are a few reasons a dinosaur's head might get separated from its body. Fossils erode over the millions of years they spend in the ground, quietly weathering away. Finding an entire skeleton is rare and takes remarkable preservation circumstances. Sometimes, the skeleton becomes disarticulated naturally and the whole thing is never uncovered.