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How AI and Machine Learning are Helping Fight The Pandemic


It is difficult to imagine battling a global pandemic without advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The spread of the virus around the world left many healthcare institutions paralyzed.

Machine learning around the clock - On Medicine


From letting us know when to sleep to influencing the effectiveness of medications, our circadian clock exerts a powerful influence on our lives. A new paper published today Genome Medicine showcases a new machine learning tool to monitor the clock in human blood named ZeitZeiger. Here, author of the study, Dr. Jacob Hughey, tells us more.

Research examines ethics of machine learning in medicine


Olivia Mitchel is a freshman writing for the Academics News beat. Born and raised in San Francisco, she fell in love with classical piano and various styles of dance at an early age. She is on the pre-med track with additional academic interests in Journalism and Jewish Studies.

Transitioning Asia-Pacific to a new normal of work


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a dramatic rethink in how people and organizations work. With social distancing becoming a leading strategy in combating COVID-19, travel to the office or to client sites is being discouraged, if not outright banned.