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Enterprise Bots -- Digital Transformation Future Is Here


Interacting with internet in the 21st century is like communicating with any customer service representative in the form of chat bubble and these are not real people. Generally, these are enterprise chatbot. Enterprise chatbot adoption has reached exponential and the reality is that its capabilities, possibilities are all set to show wonders. Various functions for chatbots from enterprise businesses which gained from adopting chatbots are constantly coming up. Superpowered by natural language processing (NLP), chatbots help in enabling conversations between humans and computers in everyday business interactions.

Build Incredible Chatbots


Learn to build and deploy chatbots for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack and Skype using Wit & DialogFlow! Welcome to the most comprehensive and complete chatbot developer course. Learn concepts, tools and techniques that you will need to build fully functional chatbots for business and enterprise. In this course, we will go from zero to pro as we build multiple chatbots using a variety of techniques and platforms including Chatfuel, Wit and DialogFlow for a multitude of channels such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack and Skype. We will explore chatbot platforms that do not require you to write code, and all the way to a code intensive chatbot that can be built for specialised scenarios.

3 reasons 2017 is the year to develop a company chatbot


During Microsoft's Build Conference earlier this year, CEO Satya Nadella delivered the three-hour keynote address, in which he highlighted his belief that the future of technology lies in human language. In this new wave of technology, conversation is the new interface, and "bots are the new apps." While not as flashy as virtual reality nor as immediately practical as 3D printing, chatbots are nevertheless gaining major traction this year, with support coming from across the entire tech industry. The big tech enterprises are all entering the chatbot space, and many startups are too. The question is, why is so much attention being given to chatbots recently, and should your business be paying attention too?