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The Use of AI in Car Rentals


Avis projects to automate the most dreaded part of vehicle rentals: the inspection for car damages. Rather than having an employee spend time to ensure that the procedure goes smoothly, the car rental company intends to utilize artificial intelligence to replace the process. The pilot program would automatically detect maintenance issues and damage, removing the need for idle time. Collaborating with a startup, Ravin, Avis would integrate existing infrastructure to detect damages. CCTV cameras would complement one another to conduct a full scan, using machine learning to analyze the state of the vehicle.

Cipia brings AI and computer vision monitoring systems to eliminate the dangers of distracted driving


With around 500,000 truck-related accidents in the US alone every year, and trucking firmly cemented as the deadliest profession in the US, the need for life-saving technology to prevent accidents is at a premium. Research from the NHTSA has revealed that 80% of accidents are caused by distracted driving in the 3 seconds before the collision. Further research from AAA shows 21% of fatal collisions are caused by fatigue. Now Tel Aviv, Israel-based intelligent sensing solutions company Cipia has introduced its Driver Sense driver monitoring system (DMS). Formally known as Eyesight Technologies, the company focuses on automotive in-cabin environments with its occupancy and interior monitoring system called Cabin Sense.

What Will It Cost To Fix That Door Ding? Artificial Intelligence Can Help


Artificial Intelligence can enable an amateur to capture expert images of a damaged -- or undamaged -- ... [ ] vehicle, according to Ravin AI. High-tech companies are bringing Artificial Intelligence to bear on the vehicle-inspection process. That sounds a little dry, but it's potentially a game-changer for anyone with a smartphone who wants to file an insurance claim, pick up or drop off a rent-a-car or a ride-share, turn in a lease vehicle, or someday, make a dealership service appointment, knowing in advance what's wrong with the vehicle. "I call it'proliferation of inspection,' " said Eliron Ekstein, co-founder and CEO of Ravin AI, based in London, with offices in Israel and Austin, Texas. "Traditionally, you have to bring the car to an auto auction, or to a special place at a dealership, and have a specialist look at it. We see a need to inspect vehicles during their use by non-professionals, by ordinary people like you and me," he said in a phone interview.

The data that will change the world is scattered all around us


This article was contributed by Roman Sandler, CTO and cofounder at Ravin AI. It's no secret that AI is changing industries and businesses of all types. Medicine, education, retail, manufacturing, automotive, and many others are impacted by advances in machine intelligence, also known as machine learning, neural network technology, natural language processing, or simply AI. AI-powered technologies have already been responsible for significant efficiencies and improvements in a wide variety of areas -- but this is just the beginning; the AI-wrought changes we've seen so far utilize, by many estimates, only a small amount of all data available. It's safe to say that when we use more data -- much of it unstructured -- things will really get interesting.

10 AI Innovations that are Transforming the Automobile Industry


The industry utilizes 3D printers for creating automotive prototypes to check fitness, making aesthetically pleasant parts, designing efficient car models, and many more. One of the important technologies behind 3D printers is Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) that is used for the production as well as end-use parts in the automobile industry. Smart Helmets: Smart helmets are one of the most important AI innovation in this industry for the safety of drivers. Smart helmets are completely different from traditional helmets for the implementation of GSM and GPS technologies. Drivers are inclined towards smart helmets owing to its advanced technology to call an ambulance or a family member post-accident, the presence of operation vibration sensors, alcohol sensors, crash alerts, LED lights, and many more.