'Have I been selfish?'

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Singer Janet Jackson has officially confirmed that she is pregnant with her first child, at the age of 50. In many countries, it is becoming increasingly common for women to have children later in life. In England, the rate of babies born to women aged 45 and over has climbed by more than a third since 2009. We asked older parents - and children of older parents - to get in touch with their experiences. Her parents returned to the UK when she was two and she now lives in Devon.

The age women have the best sex of their lives

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Logic may suggest that our twenties - usually the most care-free years - is the time to have the best sex of your life. It's assumed to be a decade of sexual exploration and first true loves, when your attractiveness has peaked and you have the time and energy to get wild before babies come along. However, when it comes to feeling most attractive and having the best orgasm, it apparently gets better with age. According to a new study, women have the best sex of their lives at the age of 36-years and above, according to a new survey of more than 2,600 women. That's good news for celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera and Jessica Alba - who are all 36.

Europe Rights Court: Sex Still Important for Older Women

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The European court noted two other judgments in Portugal, in 2008 and 2014, concerning medical malpractice complaints by two male patients. In those cases, Portugal's Supreme Court found that the fact that the men could no longer have normal sexual relations had affected their self-esteem and brought "tremendous or strong mental shock," regardless of their age or whether they had had children or not.

Fiery rhetoric from California to the feds over $18 million debt

Los Angeles Times

A California official says the federal government has failed to pay the state $18 million for fighting wildfires on federal lands last year. Emergency Services Director Mark Ghilarducci said in a sharply worded letter to the U.S. Forest Service chief this week that failure to pay may force the state to stop responding to fires in national forests. The letter says the Forest Service owes the money under longstanding commitments that coordinate and reimburse local firefighters. Ghilarducci said the agency is illogically relying on a "sudden interpretation" of a 1955 law that prevents the government from paying volunteer firefighters. The letter says a third of the state firefighting force is volunteers who deserve to be paid when called into action far from home.

Scottish beauty blogger has wise skincare advice for older women


Beauty vlogging is overwhelmingly directed at millennials and their successors. But that doesn't mean that the older generations should have to skip out on all the fun of makeup tutorials or, more importantly, taking the piss out of makeup tutorials.