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Not long ago, a startup founder in San Francisco was trying to organise a meeting with someone visiting from Europe, and setting a time required dozens of e-mails back and forth. The European arrived with a bottle of wine for the founder's personal assistant, Clara, as a gesture of thanks for putting up with the scheduling hassle. But the assistant could not accept the gift. Clara is a software service from a startup of the same name that helps schedule meetings via e-mail. It is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), with some human supervision.

How artificial intelligence will transform your smartphone


Just about the only real innovation happening in phones right now surrounds smart digital assistants - the likes of Google Now, Siri and Cortana - who gather up as much information about us as they can and then try and predict what it is we need next. And amidst all the talk of new cameras and extra storage, it's likely that the artificial intelligence powering our mobile phones is going to make the biggest impact on our lives in the years ahead. Here's what we can imagine coming in the not-too-distant future... We're already seeing basic versions of this on some phones, where your most-used apps appear at the top of the screen, but imagine that idea made much more intelligent: a phone that knows you so well, it launches Instagram before you're able to tap the icon. In the future there's no reason why Google Now couldn't use what it knows about you, how you use your phone, and past behaviour to work out when you're going to call home, or launch a maps app, or even take a photo (if you're near a famous landmark, say). There would be no need for an app drawer and no need to meticulously arrange your home screens, because every time you unlocked your phone, the app you were thinking about (plus some useful context-aware information) would be displayed on the display.

Personal Privacy Assistant uses AI to learn users' app preferences


Have too many apps to keep track of when it comes to what they can access? The Personal Privacy Assistant will learn your smartphone privacy preferences and adjust all your apps accordingly. If you've been really paying attention to the world of mobile devices over the past decade, you may possibly have noticed that users have a habit of downloading apps for their phones. Apps are all well and great but they can also have a nasty habit of gathering data about their users and feeding it back to developers. Fortunately, smartphone platform makers like Apple and Google have responded by giving users the ability to limit individual privacy settings within apps -- deciding whether they want to hand over access to contact, location data, sensor information, camera access, and more.

This intelligent voice assistant gets to know you over time


San Francisco-based startup Fin wants to replace your digital assistant. The company has built an artificially intelligent app that functions on voice commands alone and learns your habits over time.

Best Apps with Artificial Intelligence for Android & iPhone - Binariks


Artificial intelligence is not the future anymore since this technology is already widely used in our lives. Most sci-fi movies predict rather tragic outcome of using the artificial intelligence. You probably remember the plots of Matrix and Terminator – quite depressive vista is shown in these masterpieces of cinema. However, it is the fantasy of scriptwriter and film directors. In reality, the AI has already gained its supporters.