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Innovation Trailblazers Webinar Mini Series - Next-Gen P&C Insurance Innovation - Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator


Industry thought leaders and innovators provide actionable guidance on how to address emerging trends, requirements, global change, digital ecosystems and the innovations impacting P&C Insurance. How are continuous underwriting solutions changing insurance and what does it take to implement them. One of InsurTech's top influencers, author, speaker and consultant in connected insurance, innovation, transformation and leadership. Serial entrepreneur w/ backgrounds in computer science & economics passionately using data to improve the insurance experience for customers. How are new data sources, machine learning and AI, and RPA automation being used to improve claims operations and the customer experience?

Innovation Trailblazers Webinar Mini Series - Big Data, Analytics & The Future of Insurance - Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator


In this Webinar Series leading innovators from Startups, solution providers and insurance business lines share their vision for how data and analytics will shape the future of insurance. This includes the on product and business models, customer engagement, distribution, underwriting and claims. Thought leaders and innovators share their vision and examples of the emerging data sources and data, analytic, AI & Machine Learning models and capabilities and how those will shape the future of insurance within and across business lines. Thought leaders and innovators discuss how the use of data and analytics is enabling the new insurance business models and shifting the insurance paradigm to value added personalized services that help customers better achieve life and business objectives. Thought leaders and innovators discuss the data driven future of customer engagement and distribution and how it will change insurance.

25 Insurtech Influencers to Follow By 2020


Spiro Margaris is a VC and Advisor at Margaris ventures, a venture capital and private equity firm. He is a board member of Canopy, a UK fintech company that tries to make renting easier for everyone. In 2016, he was ranked as the No1 global fintech influencer by Onalytica. He regularly appears in the top 3 positions of global insurance and fintech influencers. Follow Spiros Margaris to get the latest updates on fintech, AI, and insurance.

InsurTech: Top 100 Influencers and Brands


Insurance technology, also known as InsurTech, is an economic industry composed of companies that use technology to make insurance services more efficient. InsurTech is an integral part of the global FinTech revolution to bring more innovation to the financial sector in general. InsurTech involves exploring avenues that large insurance firms perhaps have less incentive to exploit, such as offering highly customized policies, social insurance, and using new streams of data from internet-enabled devices to dynamically price premiums according to observed behaviour. InsurTech attracted around $2.6 billion worth of investment last year, and market research analysts at Technavio predict that the global InsurTech market will grow steadily at a rate of 10% over the next four years. We reached out to some of the top influencers on our list to ask them for their views on InsurTech.

Trends to Impact the Insurance Industry in 2017


I consider connected insurance the most relevant insurtech trend: it is the more mature as of today and with the larger TAM. Connected insurance solutions are all the insurance approaches based on sensors for collecting data on the state of an insured risk and telematics for the remote transmission and the management of the data collected. Within the connected insurance landscape, the auto insurance use case is definitely the more mature. It is the first insurtech trend came to age: on one hand, telematics account for more than 17% of the auto insurance portfolio in Italy, on the other hand Metromile will be the first insurance newcomer to acquire an incumbent. The Connected Insurance Observatory will start in the first quarter of 2017 its North American operations.