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Tesla Recall 2017: 53,000 Model S, Model X Cars Cited For Parking Brake Issue

International Business Times

Tesla has issued a recall of 53,000 Model S and Model X cars due to an issue with the parking brake on the cars, the manufacturer said Thursday. In a statement, Tesla found the parking brakes on Model S and Model X units built between February and October 2016 had a gear from a third-party manufacturer that could break and keep the car from moving. No accidents or injuries have been reported as a result of the issue -- Tesla estimates less than 5 percent of cars in the recall may be affected by the faulty gear -- but the company will still contact buyers whose cars are potentially affected. Tesla said owners of these cars can still safely drive their vehicles. The repair process will take an estimated 45 minutes.

Ex-Constable Convicted of Shooting Death in Bar Parking Lot

U.S. News

McMillan was shot to death in the parking lot of a bar in Spanish Fort. According to testimony at a 2014 hearing, the shooting followed a drunken confrontation after McMillan began talking to Sheffield's wife.

Police: Parking dispute leads to stabbing, car into crowd

FOX News

NEW YORK – Police say a man angry about a parking dispute stabbed two people and then drove into a group of people on a New York City sidewalk, leaving one person dead and several others injured, one critically.

The Loneliness of the Parking-Lot Phone Call

The New Yorker

There's a parking lot next to my office in Brooklyn where I've taken some terrible phone calls. The sharp edges and growing silences of an unravelling relationship, the panicked receipt of information regarding a friend's medical crisis: a parking-lot phone call is one of immediacy or obligation, something you have to tend to when there's nowhere else to go. New York is a city of communal anonymity, where we often treat public spaces like private ones, trusting that no one will pay us any mind. When I walk through the city, I find myself peering into parking lots and down alleyways, watching and overhearing others engaged in exchanges similar to the ones I've had, their shoulders drooping or hands extended to punctuate their staccato speech.

NHS hospitals break parking fees record

BBC News

NHS hospitals appear to be making more money than ever from parking fees. A report from the Press Association says hospitals in England collected more than £120m last year - up by 5%. Many trusts defended the charges, saying the money was put back into patient care or maintaining car parks. But the chief executive of the Patients Association said it was unfair that hospital parking in Wales and Scotland was largely free, while patients in England had to pay. Of the 120 trusts asked by PA, 89 responded to the Freedom of Information request on the charges.