Google Maps update could end parking tickets and lost cars

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Wandering aimlessly in search of your parking spot could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to the latest update to Google Maps. Absent-minded drivers can now easily pinpoint their car and find the best way to get back to it, using the app on their smartphone. And the new feature also provides a countdown timer and notifications, which could mean drivers return before landing a fine. The parking tool was previously available for testing as part of a raft of new tools in Google Maps v9.49 beta. But it is how now gone public, with an update to the Android and iOS app available from today.

NHS hospitals break parking fees record

BBC News

NHS hospitals appear to be making more money than ever from parking fees. A report from the Press Association says hospitals in England collected more than £120m last year - up by 5%. Many trusts defended the charges, saying the money was put back into patient care or maintaining car parks. But the chief executive of the Patients Association said it was unfair that hospital parking in Wales and Scotland was largely free, while patients in England had to pay. Of the 120 trusts asked by PA, 89 responded to the Freedom of Information request on the charges.

São Paulo phases out physical parking tickets


Paper pay and display parking tickets have been phased out in the city of São Paulo and digital alternatives have been introduced. Since the introduction of pay and display parking in the Brazilian city in 1974 up until last week, drivers parking in controlled zones had to either buy booklets of physical temporary coupons or single paper tickets from businesses such as newsagents, restaurants, markets and drugstores. Data costs are now central to the economics of both individuals and the companies they buy things from. Digital strategy has to understand customer mobile data costs and associated mobile back-end development goals and budgeting. Under the new regime, the São Paulo city government has licensed eight apps so far to sell digital parking tickets.

DMV investigators go undercover to bust disabled-parking scofflaws

Los Angeles Times

Dressed in heavy boots and plain clothes, the Department of Motor Vehicles investigators lay in wait, ready to strike. Their quarry: customers suspected of illegally parking in spots reserved for the disabled. We're doing a compliance check," one investigator said as he flashed his badge at a woman who parked her white Mercedes in one of the spots. She was asked to produce her license, the placard and her registration. But since it wasn't hers, she was cited -- and you could say she was apoplectic.

New parking lot for tourist buses will hopefully reduce congestion in Ginza

The Japan Times

Parking lot operator Times24 Co. will open a bus parking lot Tuesday near Tokyo's Ginza neighborhood to help reduce congestion caused by coaches carrying foreign tourists to the shopping district. The 24-hour parking lot with capacity for 11 buses is expected to help reduce congestion caused by buses parking on streets, the company said Monday. The facility, located in the Harumi area in Chuo Ward, about 3 km from Ginza, will be Times24's first bus parking lot in the capital. The company has parking lots for large buses in Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe.